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author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke

Want to unfollow deleted tags? Here is how...

If you're like me, then you might have followed some tags, that are now deleted (because of the much needed tag cleanup) and point you to "Page not found".

I found a workaround by accident: the joint pages (blogs + questions) for those tags are still working, with "Unfollow" button and all.

So you call up any joint tag page (doesn't really matter which) or just use the IDM tag page as a starter:


Now open a new tab in your preferred browser with the q&a overview:


Now work your way through the tags on the right, that you want to unfollow. You'll get the "Page not found", but we don't care, because in the URL you'll see the tag id (the long number after ".../tags/"). Here the example for the IDM q&a page:

Just copy the tag id, go to the other tab with the joint content page of your choice, replace the tag id there with the copied one, hit enter and you should be on the joint content page of the deleted tag you want to unfollow. The button for that is at the top, just waiting for you to press it.


Now proceed with the other tags the same way and done. :)

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