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[Status update]: Time-travellers invaded SCN?

Discussion creation date: 29.04.2012

Correct answer: 13.05.2009

Helpful answer: 29.02.2012

Special Stock Indicator B - I cannot find this indicator in the list

Now it is clear how Jürgen manages to answer so many questions in such short time - he mastered time-travelling. :)

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Aug 30, 2017 at 06:02 PM

This were just 2 months and happened 5 years ago.

Even I developed further and anything MM related which will be posted after new year 2020 has already an answer

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So... if you go to the future to see how you answered a question so you can answer it today, but you haven't answered it today yet, would there be an answer for it when you looked it up in the future?

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I wont do that because then my future answers would look like plagiarism

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