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400 Bad request on attempt to come to Community

Using the new SAP Community I get Bad Request errors specifically a lot from Firefox.

Interesting enough, some login issues go away once I have done same action with Chrome. But also here have been some bad request issues. So I could work around of most os the issues.

But Questions and answers still does not work on Firefox.

I can live with that for now, but others may not!

PS: Tried to put this on Q&A- but try to find the right tag for this kind of question- good luck

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Oct 11, 2016 at 12:43 PM

it is the "using" tag that you are looking for...

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Yep, Martin is correct. See the support page for more information. I'll alert a moderator and hope they can move this to q&a. :)

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This is strange - I have been using the site actively since the launch in Firefox ESR and Pale Moon (a Firefox clone) and I did not face such kind of issues.

I am using the latest browser versions (Windows 7) in private browsing mode with just a few add-ons active.

I also tried the site in Firefox 48.0 (Linux Mint 17, AdBlock Plus, NoScript) - still no bad requests.

Well, from time to time the submit button just does not work (nothing happens when you press it), but when this occurs - I just copy the content to the clipboard, refresh the page and paste it again - then all is fine.

Where exactly did you encounter this message?

As for the login issues - what exactly did you mean - you cannot log on and get some error, you get logged out while browsing

I can try to help you, we can compare our settings, if you wish - I also want to keep using my preferred browser.

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Hi Veselina,

first of all: I'm not reporting anything because of my preferred browser, but due to püossibilities that other users have same trouble and will give up before reporting (with a loss in users to the site).
I meanwhile found that this is about a cookie and more concretely the s_pers cookie that seems to be related to SAP employees. OK, that means it at least does not hurt customers. I will continue to check out what thsi is about.



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I am glad that you found the culprit.

Yesterday I stumbled upon some page with a link for cookie opt-in opt-out choices, where it was mentioned which functionality will work if you opt for a specific level of allowed cookies. Unfortunately, I cannot locate that anymore and post a screenshot for others to check their settings in case things don't work as expected. is not the most intuitive site (sigh).

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