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[Status update] Pack your things, idea place is going to move...

Or at least the ideas... in case anybody is as surprised as I am:

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Aug 23, 2017 at 07:34 AM

Migration is always exciting, even if it does not bring 'new exciting functionalities' :)

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I wonder if they can include your own ideas in the profile once the move is completed.

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And it's not to the graveyard, it's to the SCCIS ("SAP Community Continuous Influencing session"). We'll see.

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good bye to the only SAP site that had no bugs

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It was about time that changed! Think about the 1DX experience. It can't be that one site works not (not) like the others.

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I woke to see that this announcement had been posted, and I didn't realize that it was coming today.

I'm preparing a post with more details, but I needed a few more days to get my ducks (goats?) in a row.

For now, I ask everyone's patience. My post will answer questions and address concerns (including those coming up here), and, of course, I'll respond to any additional requests for information. I'll also be able to keep all comments in a single area (centralizing all information about the topic).

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It's some time until September, so the panic is still manageable. ;)

Don't forget to plug it in the CC after your blog is published.
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Definitely. I'll even remember to mark it as a [Status Update]. :)

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Quick update: The announcement is down, and we're shooting to get some clearer communications out within the next day or two. Sorry for any confusion.

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Well, this makes sense. No need to maintain two idea graveyards. :)

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I ALMOST worked "idea graveyard" into my blog post, as I recall a prominent community member once said that. :)

Speaking of which...a blog post from the head of the Idea Place project is coming soon. It will cover the migration from a high level. I'll follow that up with a post specifically about SAP Community ideas (as well as with some other information about community feedback). Then, shortly before the freeze, I'll post a reminder with any other additional details I may get in the next few weeks.

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And how's your overview of the status on ideas and bugs coming along, Jerry? ;)

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You'll find out on Monday. :)

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