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author's profile photo Christopher Solomon

[Status update] Like beating my head against a wall....

...except, beating my head against a wall will eventually lead to knocking myself out and stopping. However, I just keep coming back here hoping things get better/change/fix while also trying to tell others to be patient as well.

Today, I hit the following for about the 4th time in the past week or so....I make a response/post to some thread/blog....quite long and takes "submit".....and viola.....following error and all work lost.

I guess I should know better and go back to creating in a Word doc and then cut-n-paste, but you know....I was being foolish and just expected it to work fine. ARGGGG!!!

(*if it helps....for whatever reason....I was logged into the SAP Learning Hub (authenticated there) ...then came to SCN (with same credentials)....and this happened. This should NOT matter in the slightest but who knows.)

capture.jpg (20.3 kB)
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