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[Status update] Like beating my head against a wall....

...except, beating my head against a wall will eventually lead to knocking myself out and stopping. However, I just keep coming back here hoping things get better/change/fix while also trying to tell others to be patient as well.

Today, I hit the following for about the 4th time in the past week or so....I make a response/post to some thread/blog....quite long and takes "submit".....and viola.....following error and all work lost.

I guess I should know better and go back to creating in a Word doc and then cut-n-paste, but you know....I was being foolish and just expected it to work fine. ARGGGG!!!

(*if it helps....for whatever reason....I was logged into the SAP Learning Hub (authenticated there) ...then came to SCN (with same credentials)....and this happened. This should NOT matter in the slightest but who knows.)

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Aug 24, 2017 at 06:56 PM

I'm sorry about that. I had thought this bug was addressed. I can look into it. I'm also trying to get "securty" fixed too.

One question: Was there anything in the post that might have triggered the profanity filter? I was under the impression that that was the common reason for this error. (Here's an example.)

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Nope. Someone had an issue with SAP Learning Hub back in 2015 which I am still having today and was asking if there was any fix/update on this.

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Colleen stumbled upon the same issue:

So you're at least not alone. ;)

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Always copy your post before submitting

@Jerry - surely the developer could search for spelling mistake for root cause?

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there are several there :), the search might show too many results

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They got me too. :( Hey, they fixed "securty" but I think it should be something like this:

Was able to post the same comment after simply hitting "back" button, so it's obviously not related to the specific comment text. Or security.

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Same here!

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The Only feasible "Workaround" I found so far is: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, WinKey+R, Notepad, CTRL+V


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After losing the comments 3 days in a row I feel like reopening the good old I've had it with the motherf*g snakes :(

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I did not want to repost, but I ignorantly thought "hey, maybe they have fixed this now once and for all...." as I clicked the submit button for a comment......that's when I realized my ignorance was real. Fool me once, shame on me.....fool me fifteen times, I might need therapy.

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Maybe we need a CC post for headbangers ball, or facepalm experiences? After finding both coffee pots empty when getting about 6 oz. into my 12 oz. post-consumer fiber cup, I opened my activity feed to this view...guess it's going to be one of those days...

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I am even quicker than you when having the problems:

Are you allowed to deinstall Chrome and to reinstall it? Because that was the recommendation I got from the IT service Desk.

And why do you use Chrome "Our standard browser we recommend for SAP community is Internet Explorer."?

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i missed the recommended brower is IE.

No, really, IE?

*softly cries*

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Jelena Perfiljeva - testing to see if mentions informs you of my indirect inclusion of you in a thread.

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It didn't. But because you commented on my comment I was still notified. :)

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Please, Jeremy Good, be my guest

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LOL, I am using IE :)

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then it is probably save to deinstall the Chrome browser ;-)

Edit: Oh wait, can it be that they placed the Chrome cookie into the IE and IE cookie into Chrome? This waiter doesn't get a tip.

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No, I need Chrome for, since that seems to be the most reliable. When I'm pushing my luck I used the Edge browser, which is actually very good, I am just a creature of habit using IE.

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Jürgen L - trying out the mentions feature (just noticed the wiki page updates for release notes).

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I'm at SAP TechEd Bangalore, and as a general rule, I Iike to focus on shows while at shows, but I was excited to learn that the bug with the risk has been resolved.

Just check out the first fix for October 24.

BTW...does it qualify as irony if security is mispelled as "securtiy" one of the requests with the job ticket was spelling "securty" correctly?

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Just to be secure any possible problem was fixed, under any shape..

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I think that what qualifies as irony is that the message did not become more helpful by fixing the typo. :)

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