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​[Status Update] - playful

I wrote a comment that looks nice in notepad:

(I usually write my comments in notepad first, can anyone guess the reason?! ;-)

When I had finished the 2nd line, I saw they are in sync, so I tried to craft the other lines accordingly.

Maybe our @Wordsmith can relate a little to it?


Of course, the formating in the comment itself broke it and now it just seems wired wording, but a <code>-section should bring back the beauty(?), right?!

So it’s not a real (= printed) book?
Too bad,as the topic is interesting!
I know, others are happy with ebooks
but I would like to have something I
can use on my desk. Old-School here.

Also, immediately when I thought about writing that I like _printed books_, I was thinking about a comment @Paul Hardy made once, I liked to refer to.

And in only 2 tries I found that comment.

I couldn't include it directly, as it would have broken the pattern, so I commented my own comments.

Not sure why I feel like explaining myself so much today (maybe some stroke of creativity?), but then again, just being playful, and surely coffee corner is the place for that!



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  • Aug 22, 2017 at 02:43 PM

    This Wordsmith can relate to quite a few things here. I also like printed books -- a topic I tackled 5 years ago. :)

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