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Look what they done to my blogs, ma

Some of my blogs have been transferred to 'The Community', but the content is all wrong - it looks like someone else's blog has been randomly pasted in. For example, my blog 'Someone deleted an ABAP program – how do I get it back?'

Looks like a corrupted data conversion process. Oh dear.

(I can't even find a link to report this. But that's probably my fault...)

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Oct 10, 2016 at 09:45 PM

It's a known issue, they are working on it, you are not alone, Paul. ;)

To report it you would create question with the tag "using". See this link.

You'll find it under "Community > About the Community".

But at least you found the Coffee Corner! Welcome! :)

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This has in the meantime been resolved (see the Known Issues blog).


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I loved the title alone and had to "like" it! Brilliant!

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