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author's profile photo Jeremy Good

[Status Update][Status Update]...double vision

I had a new experience today - after crafting a comment on a blog (Happy 10th Anniversary Mentors), I saw the spinny browser tab taking longer than expected, so I quickly did a Ctrl-A+C to make sure I didn't lose my text. When it didn't post I pressed the button again, and was soon presented with a vanilla page containing the following dialog:

I assume I'm not the first one to run into this, but figured I would share the info to avoid any panic attacks from other members attempting to comment on a blog. After refreshing the page I did see my comment, and if nothing else has been accomplished by your time taken here to peruse my status update, I encourage you to check out Jason's blog and share your Mentor memory.

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  • Aug 16, 2017 at 09:27 PM

    Thanks for the link to the blog. The link is what I clicked the like button for and not the double vision on your update :). It prompted me to thank some Mentors.



  • Aug 17, 2017 at 08:26 AM

    Wish I had this problem, I can't even create Status Updates -_-

  • Aug 17, 2017 at 03:57 PM

    I almost made a Foreigner joke, then I realized I was old enough to make a Foreigner joke, then the joke wasn't funny anymore...

    I've never experienced this error myself (and the weird thing is I found a double comment in Q&A the other the poster obviously didn't get the duplicate error...and I wonder if only blogs catch this). I'm always curious when I see these types of messages because as a writer I wonder, "Who wrote that? Why did he choose a semicolon? Why did he go with an exclamation point?"

    Yeah. I find punctuation exciting.

    Anyway, I'm checking around to see if I can learn more about this particular message...

    • Aug 17, 2017 at 04:05 PM

      Oh the irony - here are the top two items in my Notifications feed...thankfully I only received one email notification (so far).

      Edited comment: not trying to sound overly 'hot blooded', but I also see that you 'commented' 2x in my Activities feed.

      cjgoodirony.jpg (30.3 kB)
      • Aug 17, 2017 at 04:13 PM

        Funny, I have the same kind of duplicated items in my activity stream (by different members)...

      • Aug 17, 2017 at 04:25 PM

        You got two notifications because it was urgent that you saw my comment.

        OK, I'll stop.

        Maybe... :)

    • Aug 17, 2017 at 04:09 PM

      Anyway, now I wonder what that almost funny joke was. Am I even too old to remember? :(

      • Aug 17, 2017 at 04:31 PM

        I was going to include lyrics from Foreigner's "Double Vision" in my initial response, but considering that the song is from 1978, I thought maybe it would be too obscure.

        Then again, I wasn't expecting to get in a "Foreigner discography" competition with Jeremy. :)

        • Aug 18, 2017 at 07:55 AM

          Hm, thanks for the pointer, although now I'm somewhat disappointed:

          Just two notifications, I'd expected 4.

          scndoublednote.png (18.6 kB)
        • Aug 18, 2017 at 09:09 AM

          Who doesn't like Foreigner? I have their 2CD "Juke Box Hero's Best Of" on my MP3 player. ^^

          • Aug 18, 2017 at 05:41 PM

            Nice! (Although I kinda feel like you should be listening on 8 track :) )

            • Aug 21, 2017 at 10:53 AM

              Had to google "8 track". :D

              I never used those, but I'm an 80s child, so... but I enjoy the music nontheless. No matter how old or new, it just has to "click". And I like the "Foreigner" sound every much.

  • Aug 18, 2017 at 04:18 PM

    Hm... And now I'm getting duplicate emails (still receiving those for the old account). Seems like a bug. Were there some "improvements" rolled out recently?

  • Aug 21, 2017 at 01:21 PM

    At the top of the CC list; I got excited thinking this was a story of someone already having stared at the sun directly for too long on this solar eclipse day in the US.

  • Aug 21, 2017 at 03:15 PM

    It's back!

    Saw this a couple times long ago, possibly even in the Open Beta testing. Just figured it was a result of me hitting the button twice before the first hit registered.

  • Aug 22, 2017 at 10:51 AM

    Hi All,

    We've identified that it's a vendor issue, and we're in touch with the vendor to address it.


  • Aug 22, 2017 at 02:26 PM

    With all the talk here about the duplicate activities (which, as Audrey noted, is an issue that requires a vendor to address), we strayed pretty far from Jeremy's original post about "duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you already said that!"

    That is a different issue -- meaning it is not related to the issue that the vendor needs to fix. IT is looking into that "duplicate comment detected" item separately.

    Naturally, we'll keep you posted.


    • Aug 22, 2017 at 02:52 PM

      are you certain the server is not drunk? (or ate too much cookies)

      I got this message today (the yellow on top):

      disabled.png (15.2 kB)
      • Aug 22, 2017 at 02:55 PM

        I hate to say this...but I think this happens if someone submits moderator alerts that have been rejected too many times.

        I'm hoping it's some kind of glitch in this case. I'll look into it.


      • Aug 22, 2017 at 04:06 PM

        Hi Jurgen,

        I checked into the blogs system and your account is still active, so I need to get with IT to figure out what's going on there. Can you confirm if you get the same error in Q&A?



        • Aug 22, 2017 at 05:01 PM

          I have not seen this error in Q&A.

          I also could edit and remove the blog myself, right after this message. I did not really take the message serious.

          • Aug 22, 2017 at 05:04 PM

            Weird. I'll look into it anyway so we can prevent future issues. Thanks Jürgen!

          • Aug 23, 2017 at 07:58 AM
            I did not really take the message serious.

            An inevitable "Lerneffekt" here.

      • Aug 23, 2017 at 07:29 AM

        Jürgen, that is a subtle hint that you need to stop alerting content. ;)

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