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[Status Update] - excellent blog on the state of SCN

Here you go, folks!

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Aug 03, 2017 at 01:01 PM

Too bad we don't have hot trending content, top viewed discussions (CC or otherwise), most liked, most shared, etc. showing up on the main page:

Inquiring minds want to know, and the occasional pulse check like this blog ^^ really resonates with the larger community audience.
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My hope is, that by using @jelena tactics, more people will see that blog, and Lars's blog as well. More eyes = more comments (maybe)

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Exactly. When "likes" were introduced on SCN 2.0 in 2012 we didn't really know what to do with them. Then Top Liked was added to the home page rather quickly (certainly in less than a year). This allowed the readers to find great content and at the same time provided encouragement to the authors. Your blog makes "top liked", you post a status update about it, then even more people read and like it. Now it's just crickets and elevator music.

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Sorting by 'hottest' works in a weird way and I am unsure whether it is reliable at all.

Considering that the top 5 CC discussions (sorted by votes) are about how horrible the site is and that a similar situation can be observed in Answers page: 3 out of top 5 questions, it is understandable why this is not featured in the welcome page. :)

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Direct link to the blog:

I very much miss the SCN option that allowed us to be notified of the other comments on the same blog. It always allowed for a meaningful discussion in the blog comments (we sometimes had 100+ comments going).

And I believe lack of this feature is what also contributes to the demise of SCN and blogging in particular.

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I agree, Jelena. I commented on the 'Revitalization of a city' blog in hopes (silly me) that I'd get notified when somebody else commented. No such luck. Anyway, it's well worth keeping track of!

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Thanks for the direct link, Jelena! Way more meaningfull and helps me to tell if I have allready seen this blog. (I have)

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do you notice blogs like these are showing how a heap of the long-time regulars who have been quiet recently have returned to comment?

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The long time regulars likes to partecipate when it's easy to do and when the content is good.

That's easy.

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perhaps hope that they are still out there and interested in returning as active members of the community. That is an excellent sign but the next attempt to convince them to return it has to work.

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Exactly. I'm not going out convincing anyone to participate on a broken website.

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I wanted everyone to know that we have added Craig S.'s blog post to Featured Content on the home page. Moving forward, we'll be more diligent in highlighting these posts.


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We have featured content on the SCN home page?! Ah, you mean that thing one has to scroll (twice on a laptop) to see? Neat!

Wouldn't know it if it wasn't for this post. As usual, announcing stuff in CC is the best! :)

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@Jelena +1 !

Anything that far down on the page won't get seen by many people, I'd suggest. Featured content should surely be at the top of the page, not two scrolls away?

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I am blessed/cursed with blindness to carousels and any sections in proximity to labels 'Featured', 'Trending', 'Social' or similar... and I barely notice huge images :)

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Well one person did find it thanks to the home page:

And we're looking for similar blogs to highlight. Suggestions welcome (and I'll continue to check out the new blogs and keep an eye out for posts generating buzz in Coffee Corner).

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Now that I look at it (scrolling down on the front page - just like Jelena), I now remember that I have seen it before.

I guess that section will never show me any blog I haven't seen before* (RSS!), but as I said on other occasions: there are so many different user-types and others might sure benefit from this, so thanks for putting that up there Jerry!

*In fact, I think I don't need to ever visit the frontpage to discover something new, until we get some kind of "hot topics"-feature (most liked/commented/viewed etc.) back. We had that in Jive, you know...:-)

(Vote on of you like! (and if you think it makes a difference)).



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Thanks, Joachim. I agree that the current placement might not draw too many views, but every little bit helps. Plus, there has been some speculation that we try to suppress critical posts, which simply isn't true. Featuring these posts on the home page -- and perhaps via our social-media channels -- is our way of recognizing and highlighting the tough comments and conversations.

RE: your idea, I think you saw Catherine's response. New UX is being designed (and I hope we'll report a little bit more about that in the coming weeks...beyond the information that Gali and Oliver shared in their recent posts), and I believe that will do a far better job of spotlighting hot content.

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