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​[Status Update] 1st view on an old Blog

There seem to be some blogs that never have been viewed since they where migrated to the new Communiyt (that is, for nearly a year now..). I found one today:



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  • Jul 28, 2017 at 08:40 AM

    I am surprised, that this surprises you :)

    First, the blog is in "Retagging required', which makes it harder to discover (I meant harder than usual in the new platform).

    Second, it is about something, which took place years ago and even if it was from last week, it would be probably irrelevant for many people visiting the forum.

    • Jul 28, 2017 at 07:27 PM

      I'm wondering who was supposed to do all that "retagging" for the authors who were no longer active. Mark Finnern left SAP a couple of years ago, so even if he's somewhere lurking on SCN most definitely it won't be under his old account (which I guess he no longer controls if it was linked to his SAP ID).

      • Jul 28, 2017 at 07:46 PM

        In an ideal world retagging would not be necessary - I did not need to change any tags after migration. Unfortunately, deriving primary tag assignment from old SCN space did not work that well in some areas, where a clear mapping was not possible. I don't know, maybe they were considering machine learning or using old spaces as read-only tags. I don't expect that clearing the content from could be done manually in reasonable time, if ever (3014 pages of blog lists).

        • Jul 28, 2017 at 08:54 PM

          There has indeed been conversation about using machine learning to handle the whole re-tagging issue. I believe it would be similar to the efforts to apply tags to all of the content in the archives.


          • Jul 29, 2017 at 08:06 PM

            The tagging/retagging topic prompts a bad memory about the move to this new SAP Community for me. It starts with a “once a upon a time” type ancient memory :)

            Before the Jive platform migration (which seems a long time ago now ! ) there was a process to migrate blogs to spaces (may topic pages ;) in todays terms)


            All blogs were migrated to your personal profile in the move to Jive (“Please also note that blogs previously written will be published in your profile”. from the link above). and you were expected to logon to move them. I guess Mark never moved his blog, that Joachim found, to a space. I’ll come back to this soon but now a slight diversion.

            Now for me this leads to a combination of another bad experience of using SAP sites. That issue is actually logging on to any SAP site with multiple IDs. I had a SAP blogs linked to an old account which I lost access to because I changed companies. So in effect I could not move these blogs to spaces and they remained in my old “profile” area.

            Leave that for a couple of years and a process to move to this site and there was a process to move blogs. Now spaces could be linked to tags directly where possible, as Veselina mentions. So if you blogged on the Jive platform and it was in a “space” that had a related tag it was moved automatically (as were my Jive blogs). My old account blogs were in my personal space and therefore in a “retagging” or maybe marked for deletion area.

            As per this blog about SAP Community blog migration.


            “This exercise is pretty straightforward in most cases: For example, the SAP Lumira space corresponds to a singular value in our corporate product taxonomy, which we can therefore assign for migration.”

            I was worried about my old blogs and commented on the above blog but the comment was never answered.


            When the “satisfaction survey” for this new site that Gali mentions, in the link below, I marked it the lowest I could in all categories and commented that I thought my old blogs would be deleted. Again ignored but to be fair I didn’t expect a reply to my comment on a survey.


            In the move to this SAP Community my old blogs were lost/removed.

            In the end I need to thank first Tammy who replied to my tweet and with the assistance of Oliver restored my blogs. I must admit more sentimental value of these blogs especially this one as I spent so much time refining it, that even though the move to Jive destroyed it, I still get satisfaction from knowing it still survives. While my old blogs may not have value today I still get the occasional email about them. Deleting/removing blogs should be last resort in my opinion. I am hoping that machine learning will be used to asses the relevant tags for any blogs in the "retagging" tag :) and not for removing blogs.

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