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[Status Update] Have you read Lars's blog?

It looks like our dear Lars Breddemann is not aware of the opportunities to pimp his blogs in CC, so doing the needful here:

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Jul 27, 2017 at 07:34 PM

I read it yesterday allready, but agree that it's a good idea to link it here!

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Thanks Jelena, i obviously missed it!

Just retweeted it too, hoping someone will do the same and the word spreads...

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Read it yesterday, subscribed to blog comments via RSS and patiently waiting for someone from SAP-Community-ORG to respond with an answer to the main question, raised there, preferably something different from:

Perhaps we have been…a little smug, a little lax, but we have learned our lesson! Spurred by the competition, we are investing several hundred thousand dollars—”

“Several hundred?” said Greenyham. Gilt waved him into silence, and continued: “—several hundred thousand dollars in a challenging, relevant, and exciting systemic overhaul of our entire organization, focusing on our core competencies while maintaining full and listening cooperation with the communities we are proud to serve. We fully realize that our energetic attempts to mobilize the flawed infrastructure we inherited have been less than totally satisfactory, and hope and trust that our valued and loyal customers will bear with us in the coming months as we interact synergistically with change management in our striving for excellence. That is our mission.”

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i didn't get a single thing but.... i'll buy it!

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You don't find striking similarities between how Grand Trunk company operated and the SCN resurrection initiative?

Maybe it is just me, but all I see is smoke and mirrors, duct tape patching and buying time in hope that things will fix themselves by doing nothing substantial...

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Totally! :)

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and they should really stop asking Rincewind to perform any action on the forum....

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Veselina, I was about to ask "how did you do that (Comments as RSS)?" but I think I found out: just add /feed/ to the Blog URL, e.g. , right? (But it will not show comments on comments, right?) best

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I get the comments on comments via RSS, but there is a small catch - RSS here is limited to 10 entries only (from what I know, it is a setting on the server side, so you cannot increase the value on your end). This means, that the older ones will not appear in your feed. Not a problem usually if you check the feed often, but in this case you might miss a few updates.

I did not need to add /feed/ manually - Bamboo gives you all RSS options for a page and I just picked the comments one. I suppose, that this depends on the add-on, which you use.

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Now I get it. I recently saw the TV movie adaptation of going postal.

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Learned something today... didn't know books of Pratchett were made into a movie.

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They are quite enjoyable. They're not great, keep that in mind. But the tv-movie adaptations of the hogfather colour of magic and going postal are fun, enjoyable and clearly a labour of love.

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Cringed a little when I read that I've seen that type of corporate jargon in real life. Heck, maybe I'm even guilty of writing something similar once upon a time (while feeling a tiny bit of my soul wither and die).

I also cringed a little when I read this: "all I see is smoke and mirrors, duct tape patching and buying time in hope that things will fix themselves by doing nothing substantial..."

Because I'm fully aware of how hard so many colleagues are working, how issues with the community have reached high executive levels, how the scrutiny and pressure are pushing progress. There's new leadership, new sponsorship, new thinking (recognizing "duct tape" can't fix an experience that is flawed at its very foundation). (Candid post and conversation at )

By this point, I'm painfully aware that my comments don't inspire confidence. People want to see action -- and, more importantly, meaningful change. I wish, however, you'll trust me when I say this much: No one involved in this project is hoping that things will fix themselves.

Best regards,


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Hey, don't blame me for that quote, I just happened to be reading "Going postal" last week... if you haven't read it - I can strongly recommend, the book is so under-appreciated.

As to hard work - constantly applying duct tape to a sub-par solution is hard work, too, and it is usually way harder than working with something, which is well thought-out and built with the mindset to last for a long time.

It is very hard to gain credit now - months after the rushed go-live, because people are tired of reading of vague promises. My main concern is, that the same mistakes will be repeated with the hope to get a different outcome. I really hope, that time will prove how wrong I was.

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Nah, not blaming you for the quote. It's just, as the saying goes, "It's funny because it's true."

And as luck would have it, my local library has a copy of the book...and I'm planning a trip there this weekend. Score!

Beyond that: all points are fair and taken.


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Just want to add: Terry Pratchett is my favorite author of all-time. Don't judge.

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some comments look quite funny in the activity stream:

lars.jpg (18.5 kB)
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you had me at

interact synergistically

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wow.... I'm famous... (or not....)

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Nope, I was not aware of this pimping option - thanks a lot for doing the needful Jelena! :-)

Unfortunately it looks as if we're stuck to our own fan fiction for the answer parts. Veselina made a great start I'd say!

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Hey, everyone! I was out a week and a half. It's good to be back! Did I miss anything exciting?


I think I need another vacation...

Joking aside, I am giving serious thought to Lars' post -- as well as to all of the comments it triggered. I'm also going through CC and other recent posts to make sure I'm not missing anything. It's taking some time to get through everything, but responses are coming...


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An actual working activity stream would be very helpful in catching up, eh? Hope you enjoy the "moar" button. :)

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Aaaahhh...that's more like it. Now I feel like I never left. :)

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"Mark all Read" can help ease your Notification pains, a bit like the Staples Easy button...I actually have one, should I bring it to our meeting next week?

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Couldn't hurt. :)

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Thanks for the meetup today Jerry!

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I read it and responded. But my response grew so I made it into a blog:


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I fully expected it to start with a longer rant about how the site ate your comment. ^^

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