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[Status Update] Searching and sorting of Followers/Following lists is now possible in profile

While I was on vacation last week, the profile team rolled out some new features in the universal profile. Now that I’m back, I thought I’d share a little overview of what’s now available.

Start by logging in and going to your user profile (in the avatar dropdown menu in the header, click on your name or your image). On the left side, select Following (this also works if you select Followers). You’ll see a screen similar to mine, shown below, listing the SAP Community members that you follow. The list appears in default sort order, which is now alphabetical by first name.

At the top of the list, you’ll see a search field, and to the right you’ll see a sort menu and a sort direction button. If you follow more than 20 members, at the bottom you’ll see the familiar pagination capabilities that allow you to page through the list.

You can use the search field to search for a particular member from your Following list. In the example here, I’m searching for SAP CEO Bill McDermott. I can type “Bill” into the search field, and the system automatically narrows down the list to the two members whose first or last name starts with “Bill”.

I can now sort this result list by last name by selecting Last Name from the sort order dropdown menu. The list would appear the same, since with identical first names, the sort order in the result list defaults to alphabetical by last name anyway. But then, if I click the sort direction button, the list will be sorted by reverse alphabetical order of last name.

Note that you can use these search and sorting capabilities not only in your own Followers and Following lists, but in those of other SAP Community members too. Hopefully, this new functionality will moderators and others looking to find particular members in their and others’ social graphs.

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