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Who stole the special characters for emoticons? >:-O

I've observed for about 3 times now, that when I post on SCN, doesn't matter what kind of content, and use special characters for emoticons like "lennyface" or "shrug", they're correctly displayed in my editor, also when they're posted, but overnight they seem to be corrupted and all special cases are replaced by "?"s. Does this happen for anyone else or have the undead invaded my browser again?

Testing for science:

( ?° ?? ?°)


(?°?°??? ???

EDIT: Demonstration Effect -_-. This time they didn't even survive the posting.

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Jul 20, 2017 at 10:09 AM edited Jul 20, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Special characters are missing not only from emojis:

I think this problem is also new, but I cannot say for sure.

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Smells like a cloak-and-dagger codepage migration of the database :-0

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This is definitely a new problem. I vividly remember Kivanc not having a question mark in his name (and doubt he'd change this on purpose).

Sadly, I'm not even surprised or angered at this point. It's like "oh well, that's SCN for you!" (Insert meh emoji here.) Cue "oopsie daisy" replies in 1, 2...

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I found a comment by Audrey, where his name is typed (appears with question mark). I am sure, that she would have noticed if there was something odd.

His name is correctly displayed in blogs, probably only Q&A is affected.

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(?°?°??? ???)

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let me guess, you were trying to flip a table too, right?

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Yes! :D

And it was visible after saving. But now I feel deprived of the possibility to express my feelings!


Another test: (?°?°??? ???)

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Proof it's there at the moment...

screenshot286.jpg (12.0 kB)
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Flip a table?

And yeah, smells like a code-page migration. Were we not already on Unicode, methinks?

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Let's try ������

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It seems that users with Cyrillic names are also affected by the latest updates:

This is why I wish to test Cyrillic characters.

????????, ????????, ????? ?? "???????", ?????? ?? ?? ???? ?????, ??? ???? ?? ?????? ???????????...

... And I really hope that these will show up.

It seems that Steffi's magic has worn off and her new emoji has broken again.

sergey.jpg (5.3 kB)
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Take a look all emoticons, are here:

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I cannot tell if this is the biggest damage, caused by the latest updates, but it is close enough:

all content in Chinese and Japanese in Q&A is unreadable.



In the characters are displayed correctly, blogs and the archive also look OK.

How long will this tiny emoji live? -> ��

chinese.jpg (163.6 kB)
japanese.jpg (135.7 kB)
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Yeah, that's a problem.

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Not long. ^^

Awesome... new stuff (read: issues) again. Every day a new surprise.

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Looks like WORDPRESS not stable???

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Q&A is AnswerHub, not Wordpress. Also, if our SAP experience taught us anything, the problem is not the system, the problem is the implementation and customizing. ;)

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OK That's may be true..

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Hi All,

I will check with IT and will see what can be done here.


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??????? ??????? ??? ??? ???

testing non English character for myself...

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about 30 minutes in Cyrillic letters then it changed to question marks. This looks like synchronization between 2 or more servers where one has not the right code page.

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Thank goodness SAP has such a huge volunteer QA team!

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or this is a rouge script/virus that Russian hackers installed to remove all evidence of Cyrillic records from SAP assets.


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Hi, Lukas (and everyone):

Sorry that I've been so quiet lately. I had been out on vacation.

Here's what I've learned thus far about this particular issue...

1) A third party fixed the issue.

2) Fixed, in this case, means that the issue shouldn't occur again.

3) The bad news is that the fix doesn't include a way to correct the existing content automatically.

What I don't know is:

1) Why the problem occurred in the first place.

2) If there is any way to fix the existing content (which, per point 3 above, doesn't seem likely, I'm afraid).

If I get more information -- or IT can provide additional details -- I and/or they will share here.


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Cheers for the feedback, Jerry!

Testing lennyface for science: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EDIT: Success! \o/

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Science! :)

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I thought that for the purpose of science you needed to wait for at least 2 hours. :)

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This way we even drive the hard-boiled few people away, who had still posted something in a different language then English even they could not filter or find easily this kind of content since the relaunch. As it is destroyed now can just switch it off and officially focus on English?

The big 3letter company does not take backups?

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Quick update: I was informed that in just about all cases, the existing issues were corrected.

This, for example, looks fine now:

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Yeah, about that...

The response I received: we checked "all the new posts with special characters made after the deployment. The query found 102 nodes but after review only one question was found with actual issues:"

That's why I wrote "in just about all cases."

Not sure what is so special about the special characters in this case. Let me see if I can help the poster (without him needing to repost).

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