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[Status Update] New notification related bug identified

Hello dear community members. As of this morning, we have been experiencing a bug that has been causing notifications and email notifications from the last month to be resent to users. IT is investigating this issue and the email notification service was temporarily disabled. This service will be turned back on shortly. Usual notifications should be working again now.

The issue itself has been identified and mostly fixed. There is some clean up going on in the back end due to this issue and everything should be back to normal by noon tomorrow.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. We will be working hard to make sure that this is resolved completely and as quickly as possible.

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Jul 19, 2017 at 01:26 PM

i do not think a Status Update like this, under Coffee Corner, is the best way to announce to the whole community such things...

i'm a spoiled, old, grumbly developer who'd love to see such kind of announcements in capital and flashing letters as i login, instead of playing the treasure hunt to find any news.

Not everyone comes to Coffee Corner, not everyone can loose his mind combing through the thousands of tags in Using

A status update like this makes me feel not really cared as customer and user by SAP.

But, again, it's me being an old, grumbly developer.

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Site-wide announcements are on the roadmap Simone. I completely agree with this issue.

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Thank you Sajid

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Happy to let everyone know that IT was able to identify the problem and implement a solution already. The notifications should be fixed, even though some of the previous notifications from Direct messages may still be acting funny. I kindly request that if you see such notifications from previous Direct messages, you "Mark them read" separately.
Email notifications were also affected by this bug so they were disabled to mitigate the issue. They should also be back on and working as expected now.

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I think I will mark the previous message notifications as Read not as unRead. :D

Since I had over 200 of them, I used the Mark All as Read button as I was not going to do them each separately.

What was the fix put in which broke them in the first place?

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Will share the details via Email Michael. I do not have all the information yet. Thanks for catching the typo!

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