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[Status update] Looks like notifications are unsure what "read" means...

I'm getting flooded with notifications and emails regarding messages I already marked as read. 217 and counting...

Who played with the system again?

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Jul 19, 2017 at 08:56 AM edited Jul 19, 2017 at 09:06 AM

I didn't get quite as many - just two repeated alerts about a "new" comment and a "new" answer related to a discussion from last week. And five already read notifications were flagged as new when I checked.

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I'm over 300 now and it's still going.

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I cleared all of them, I don't care if I missed something important, but I have just received a duplicate e-mail to alert moderator for a thread, which was removed a month ago.


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Same here,

already pointed out as bug thread

i wonder how much they'll take to fix this, in the meanwhile, antispam filters!

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The best part is that you can use your bug report to submit another bug report:

Click on the link, indicated in red and something magical will happen :)

At least it happened to me in Firefox, Google Chrome, IE11 and Pale Moon...

I thought that this was investigated and fixed last year.

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Same here! What a lovely workshop of bugs!

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I am so glad that everybody has kept a good sense of humor :)

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Whatelse we can do? U_U

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And multiple reminders to close the questions and choose the best answer are difficult to implement... :)

In my case only 50 emails :)

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Don't want to spam those poor newbies. ;)

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If they don't start doing something to keep the die-hards happy (which is most of us here),. the newbies won't stick around very long.

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you don't need enemies if you have such friends

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Hi All!

We are aware of a bug with email (& other) notifications and are working with IT to resolve ASAP.

For now the Email flood should stop as we deactivated the Email notifications service until we get on top of this.

We apologize for the inconvenience and I'll share details as they become available.,


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And to think, that just 2 hours ago I was merely annoyed by the frequent JavaScript errors in Activity stream after the latest update...

I am not complaining... :)

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As you know I am fond of sharing movie clips and links to YouTube, so in light of the flooding of our Inboxes and the multiple posts about the problem in various channels, I thought this was quite appropriate :)

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Hello Steffi,

As always, thank you for reporting this issue. I am a little late as I was not online until recently when I logged on and saw this issue. Anyways, happy to let you know that IT was able to identify the problem and implement a solution already. The notifications should be fixed, even though some of the previous notifications from Direct messages may still be acting funny. I kindly request that if you see such notifications from previous Direct messages, you "Mark them unread" separately.
Email notifications were also affected by this bug so they were disabled to mitigate the issue. They should also be back on and working as expected now.

Best regards,

Sajid Amir

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Oh, I was wondering what was going on when I suddenly received 14 emails for my old account. Looks like I dodged the bullet by not signing up for the emails in the new account. Hehehe!

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Surprisingly, there is no bug that would send the e-mails to you anyway...

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Is it just me or are some notifications coming back [again] ? I don't receive emails for the new account but just signed in and about half of the notifications I clearly remember marking as read few days ago are now back as unread. Hm...

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Have not seen such things today, but Sunday it was a little pain as I went through my 300 something open notifications, made a statistic on SAP Forum usage during my vacation) and marked them read 1 by 1 and after scrolling back and forth they were open again.

I guess it has something to do if you work in 2 windows with activities/notifications at the same time.

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Oh nos, it started again! Hold on to your Notification stream and email inbox. ^^

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