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SAP Community and the Migrated SCN Content

I have a question/opinion on the migration rules of old SCN content to the new SAP Community platform - SAP has chosen to migrate only the SCN discussions with replies, it is a good strategy to clean-up the unwanted content.

I have comes across multiple SCN discussions that were not migrated as no one replied to them but the links to these discussions were referred to in several other discussions.

I believe SAP should consider expanding the rules to include such content, especially when the link is mentioned in the context of an Helpful Answer or Correct Answer.

Dear Community Members, What is your take on this?

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Jul 16, 2017 at 04:16 PM

Why should several answers to other discussions point to a question without answer? This does not make much sense to me.

It would be good if you could post a link to such a question which has a link to a non-migrated question as correct answer to enable us and the technical guys behind the scenes to investigate on that matter.

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Jürgen, thanks for your response. Here is the link to a question which has responses with dead links.

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It's just a bunch of "link farm" posts back from 2007 when the moderators could not remove them fast enough.

People would just go to Google, search for what OP should've searched and then blindly copy-paste the links hoping that OP "award if useful". Typical point-hunting behavior.

There is no reason to migrate unanswered questions no matter whether they're linked anywhere or not.

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It makes total sense on why you should migrate unanswered discussions in theory. Might be SAP can monitor for a month to see how many hits are coming to these links and take a decision if they need to be migrated.

There should be some reason the OP chose the reply with posts as a Helpful Answer over other Answers.

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Adding Former Member to the conversation.

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What "total" sense "in theory" does it make specifically? You have not mentioned a single valid reason so far. How do you expect your point of view to be taken seriously?

Either way they are already gone, I'm afraid, so this is really a moot point IMHO. The plans were announced on SCN months ago, should've spoken out back then if it was important.

By the way, @-mention no longer works either. Bummer!

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Jelena, I gave you a real example where I am unable to access a helpful answer do I don't know what else I can give. To find out if other users are facing this problem, I have asked if SAP can turn on a trace to see how many hits are coming to the deadlinks.

Thank you for taking time to respond to my question.

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The problem is when you can see a preview on internet archive of the answers and then, when you try to open, you got the message (true story, sis!)

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There is a preview?! I feel like I've accidentally stumbled into some kind of parallel universe...

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Sorry, preview maybe is the wrong term,

here an example about what i mean (this one is an example, i took from the 1st link i found).

You see 6 replies in Google cache, but, sometimes, the real/actual archive is not reachable

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My take is that it has been 9 months since the migration and this is a dead issue, especially considering all the live issues never addressed after go-live.

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It's a dead issue, ok.. then we cannot complain people do not search ;)

Funny, once an issue is detailed, the comments tell us it's too specific

On SDN we seem to dislike the basic questions, however there are no good answers for the good questions :o(


i'm not blaming @Lars hvam for his comment, i had a good laugh!

Just, it reflects the actual Community situation.

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Sadly Lars was probably correct with his observation for most parts of the community. There are some areas/topics/tags with few or no subordinate tags, lots of active members, strong moderators, and good discipline for engagement. Certainly not a majority, but some key ones. ABAP Development, Fiori, Process Integration/Orchestration are a few that come to mind. But many others have fallen by the wayside.

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Are you sure? That is a comment to an Abap Development question.

(yes, it's mine question and i'm sure ).


Again, not complaining or whining for not finding the answere here and i tend to agree with you.

It's the classical situation "personal feeling/experience" vs "statistic data"

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Hi Simone,

I guess I should have stuck to the ones I have personal experience with (Fiori, PI) and left it to others to share their tags/topics. I only picked ABAP Development based on the statistics data and on the rapid processing that their blogs used to receive. Not sure directly if there are good answers to good questions there.

Cheers, Mike

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