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[Status Update] 3 weeks later - finally re-followed the "followees"

Jelena The Second here. Finally re-followed all the people Jelena The First used to follow. Quite a trip down the memory lane. :)

Found out that I've been following two obsolete incarnations of Michelle Crapo (she is The Fifth now) and somehow both Gareth Ryan's SCN accounts marked inactive. I guess we could not save him after all. :(

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Jul 11, 2017 at 08:20 PM

:( A sad day for SCN...

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On the other hand, having to "re-follow" folks (and their re-incarnations) helps to activate the community, right? Following becomes an active task...:)

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Shshsh, don't give the SCN team any ideas! :)

Quite interestingly though, it seems to have brought a couple of folks back to life (if only for a comment) since they got a notification.

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One comment is all that's needed - they now classify as an 'active' user :)

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