[Status update] Is it just me or did someone really put some time into changing the CC overview page?

This morning all was still in its "WOOOAH, LOOK AT THIS POST!!!" glory and now it looks like Veselina's somehow hacked the whole thing and cleaned it up with her coding magic.


Could it be?


Aaaaand it seems there is some auto-resizing of pictures going on now.


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Jul 10, 2017 at 02:41 PM edited Jul 10, 2017 at 03:45 PM

I suppose, that somebody is playing with AnswerHub settings.

I cannot tell whether picture resizing is changed, I have almost forgotten how the original pages looked like :)

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I am not sure, that I understood your idea for comparing picture resizing behavior.

From what I can see, Wayback Machine does not save the images...

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I think this is start happening recently ... look at this picture ... they seems same size? (If yes how it could be auto-resizing issue?)


And below


Both pictures size are same...

Question: Is this issue when you ask new question/discussion Or in comment section also? testing need to be done??

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Now you confused me even more... I never mentioned an image resizing problem.

The thing is, that I am overriding element sizes on my end and my settings take priority over whatever is set in the css for the page. As I rarely visit the site via a browser without userContent.css, I could not remember how it looked originally a few days ago. Wayback Machine helps retrieving how a webpage looked in the past, but it does not collect the images, which is why I could not tell whether the default page look is different, even if I load the page from a different browser.

On my end everything looks fine, no issues so far.

It seems that they fixed the image resizing problem in https://answers.sap.com/articles/187229/tag-browser-versus-browse-the-community.html in IE11.

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Which one? If you meant Jelena's troublemaker, I resized that manually some days ago. ^^

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I've checked some "big picture" posts and they all changed. So something is definitly going on. Now if they would popup when I click on them, that would be great. We still have to check the attachments to see them in full size.

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Well, in my case the CC overview page showed the expected SAP header whereas the discussion pages themselves surprisingly opened without, that changed once I logged in... - seems like something is going on...

However, the overview currently shows that @Steffi is currently the last contributor to on "SCN missing Menu" but that page leaves no trace what she has posted... - it's (still) a mystery to me, the game commences.

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You might not able to see them because... some privet comments on that page (Direct to me!!!)

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Yes, that was a hidden comment to Yogesh, only visible to him and moderators. ;)

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Ah, should have known that (old bug)...:)

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its not bug!

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A much-needed improvement!

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Next: the editor!


A girl can dream, right?

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You guys are so needy. LOL! ;-) I, for one, am loving the streamlined CC overview page.

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At least it is ticking off an item on our list! Still a few more to go.

Kudos on finally getting this done.

Cheers, Mike

TAG BROWSER: https://detammenitsapcommunitytags-p001984trial.dispatcher.hanatrial.ondemand.com/index.html?hc_reset

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Glad you think so. :)

I had intended to do a small announcement in Coffee Corner, but since everyone saw it, and this conversation started, my post seemed a little too little too late.

It did appear in today's release notes: https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/WHP/SAP+Community+Release+Notes

RE: the attachments...we're definitely aware of the request (https://ideas.sap.com/D39011) and have shared with the design team. I'm in the process of publishing (finally) a comprehensive page with information about all features and fixes requested/reported.

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Hi Jerry/Audrey,

Just saw the release notes and the fix is a good one as far as I have tested it. Any idea if this was done using Veselina's CSS scriptlet?

Thanks, Mike

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This is probably done via some setting in AnswerHub admin pages.

No point in hiding elements via css, if you can just remove them. :)

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