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[Status Update] Why would I expect anything else?


This just seems so appropriate with my SC experience that it made me laugh this morning...not the way to start off my day...a big ol' FAIL with my morning coffee....

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Jul 12 at 12:32 PM edited Jul 12 at 12:32 PM

She has managed to clone herself - just make sure you aren't trying to catch her shadow :)

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Nope this was Jelena 2!

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SAP Employee Moderator
Christopher Solomon
Jul 12 at 07:49 PM

LOL - one of many Easter eggs, or in this case you need to double-click refresh to get it to work.

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Apparently Jelena is too fast for you - hurry up:)

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Hello Christopher, I hope re doing the action solved this. I too have seen this happen too many times now. I think this has something to do with the subscription service in the back end being too busy or down momentarily.

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On the THIRD click, it worked. She is a slippery one!

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Christopher Solomon
5 days ago

Yeah but using a harpoon is not really fair....

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Did you try sending her a box of chocolates?

It is harder to run and eat at the same time.

I don't know if this will help, but no harm in trying...

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Yes, excellent suggestion! :)

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Many have tried to follow in Jelena's footsteps. Many have failed.

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First SC Easter Egg found!

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Beep Beep! [Image is copyright of Warner Bros, sorry] :)

I've gotten this message too a few times but am already tired of complaining...

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