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[Status Update]: Confused about new features from Release June 20th, 2017

I thought, that I was getting pretty good in Schnitzeljagd, but I got really stuck here and I will appreciate a few hints from fellow members to improve my skills:

( Enabled built-in search field for handy searching through the content of Browse Community page (ONEDX-12526)

I navigated to Browse the Community-popular and Browse the Community-all content and looked for this built-in search field, but I failed miserably.

What have I done so far?

I tried this in Firefox ESR 50+ and 45+ branches, Firefox (latest), IE11 and Google Chrome (latest portable, which I could find), Pale Moon (latest) - I found nothing, which looks like a search box and helps you find content within these pages.

I tried zooming out as much as possible (if this element was for some reason not visible) - nothing found.

I tried with browsers on default settings (no content blocking applied, I even switched off the protection, which is by default applied in Firefox) - still nothing.

I tried different resolutions in responsive design mode - I was still unable to recognize any new design element.

I made a pitiful attempt to locate the element via Developer tools, but I have probably missed it.

One of these pitiful attempts was done from a freshly created VM (the VM creation is not related to testing any SAP Community changes, it was just a lucky coincidence), so caching is not very likely to be the cause.

I tried also the built-in browser search and I did not observe any changes to how it works compared to the time before the release.

What did I miss?

( Enabled creation date(instead of Last Edited) as a filter for more relevant search results on All Content and Tag Pages (ONEDX-12692)

What have I done so far?

I navigated to and looked for any obvious new filter field, but I found nothing.

Then I tied to zoom out as much as possible - I found no field, from which I could reduce the number of results before searching.

I searched for 'delivery' and looked for some field, where I could narrow down the results after searching, but found nothing.

I looked at the parameters for searching in Network tab, but I could not find any additional restriction applied by creation date. Still, I am not experienced in this and I might have misunderstood how filtering can be applied.

I tried to look for hidden elements, but I found no dedicated filters by date, only hidden sorting, which was present before the release. My understanding is, that a main difference between filter and sort is, that the first can potentially influence the number of results, while the second only rearranges the result list based on some criteria. Is this correct?

I am probably approaching the problem in the wrong way - is this even the right page, where I need to look for a filter field?

Or is the filter applied by typing something specific in the URL field?

This is very embarrassing. Has anybody found where this filter is applied? I was really looking forward to some feature, which could help me use the site more efficiently...

I am not posting this as a question with tag Using, because I am mainly interested in acquiring Schnitzeljagd skills.

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Jun 23, 2017 at 05:52 AM

interesting post so I had to try. Although my use of this site is restricted in some ways that I keep to the same URLs. So I am not sure if this is the new stuff (cause I can't recall what the old one looked like ;) !

The first point Mega Menu "Community" -> "browse the community" (on my laptop) & this URL does have a search which highlights text in the page.

The second point, I do not recall how I arrived at this URL now! and it was only a few minutes ago (so l cant be good at "Schnitzeljagd") !! It has some "newest" & "oldest" filters but relevance is greyed out!

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the problem (in my case at least) is that although the feature is there, the search doesn't do much (nothing actual).

tried 'enter', tried hitting the magnifying glass icon, refreshed, used different search items, nothing...

suppose we need to find first the how-to use the search :)

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enter material then click the magnifying glass icon, my browser scrolled automatically down and made material in materials management fat.

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Yes, these are the pages, where I tried to look for a search box. The browse pages were introduced with Release April 13th, 2017.

I know of two easy ways to find the second page, which you mentioned:

From the mega jumbo menu: Community->Browse Community-> All Content

From the first page, which you mentioned, there is a button All Content.

The weird thing is that now, when I navigated to the page, I can see the search box. This is really strange, I did not see it at the time, when I wrote the post.

I somehow assumed, that Release June 20th, 2017 implies that the content is available on this or at least on the next date, which was probably my mistake.

I tried the search already - definitely not how I imagine a well-designed search would look like. What it actually does in Firefox, is making the occurrence of the search result in bold and navigates to the first screen, where it is found.

In contrast, my in-built search in Firefox makes the text highlighted in a different color and by choosing next or pressing Enter scrolls through entries. Plus, I don't need to scroll all the way up if I wish to change my search criteria.

My old excel file with tags, which is a bit outdated, has also a very handy and fast search.

Helmut's app is great for finding tags by description, although it uses older source of data, compared to my Excel version.

I still don't know where to look for the date filter (ONEDX-12692), but probably I need to wait for a while to see it.

Thank you, if it was not for you, I would not have gone again through the browse pages :)

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I guess it is the date filter after you executed a search

which is now internally and invisible for the user filtering on the initial creation date instead of the last changed date

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How did you get the link?

From I can see two ways to search - one is SAP HANA search, where searching for material results initially in From there I can apply additional filters - some available in the UI, some - not. If I apply manually a filter for updated after date from the UI, I get this: If this is indeed what the team meant for ONEDX-12692, it is strange, that they mentioned tag pages - the same search is available from many other places, like activity stream.

The other search box results in

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I just used the magnifying glass icon next to my avatar.

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I did not observe the behavior, which you described in hana search - it looks as if this additional filtering is applied on last updated date, but I could be mistaken.

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"Love" the new search in "Browse Community". Still no finding of "IDM" and when I look for "identity" I get the first result and then the search is like "Well, there you are! I found you one! Wohooo!!" and no option to go "Nope, not that one, go on, search further!"

I found "Created" as a sorting option on the tag pages. Is that the new one?

When I look at the filters in the search results on "onedx" I just see the "Modified" filter, not "Created". Even if I use Jürgen's link. He is a wizard!

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Did you mean this:

I don't think, that the drop-down is new. If it looks slightly different now, this is probably because they removed the item Relevance.

Hottest and Votes function as filters, but I am not sure, that it was intentional, it could just as well be sloppy written logic by the vendor.

created.jpg (116.7 kB)
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Yes, that one. OK. I never use those filters anyway, so that's why they look new to me. ^^

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Hi Veselina,

apologies but the communication went out a bit early this time. The features were only enabled yesterday and this morning CET.

All page of SAP Community now point to the same search as, etc., enabling one search for all of SAP Community.

All SAP Community tag pages now sort the content by date created, and not anymore by last edited. This was a bug that got fixed. The release notes are wrong in that regard, and I updated them and moved this item to Fixes.

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Thank you, Oliver, for solving the mystery :)

Sorry, that I cannot present you with a bounty reward...

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Hi, everyone:

This is why I try my best to publish a "release highlights" post as close as possible to the new release notes. It allows me to get into the details that the notes can't. Sorry to say that I'm a bit behind at the moment, but I was hoping to dive into everything over the weekend -- to see where additional details/directions might be helpful.

I'll add that OCCASIONALLY the release notes might get updated a little before the new functionality rolls out.

Best regards,


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If you use the term 'occasionally', it could cause even more confusion and trigger questions :)

What does the release date represent?

Is this the actual release date to the production environment in <x> timezone, or is this the actual date for sign off-testing in the QA system, or is this the planned release date in some high-level project schedule, which is visible only to project members, or is this something completely different?

If the release date does not represent an actual milestone date, then my interpretation is that this is just a version number - e.g. 20.06.17, which is not tied to an actual commitment date. Is this correct?

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Release date is the day of deployment to production. In this case there was a post deployment configuration necessary, which got unfortunately delayed. We'll make sure this won't happen (too often?) again!

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Thank you, now it is clear :)

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