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An Impassioned Plea......

To those who maintain the code....

Forget all the other errors like SAP one overloading or "An Internal Error Has Occurred", or anything else that is liable to and frequently does cause cries of injustice and alarm within the CC community.

Forget the white space problem, forget the deleted items and how to fix them. This has far far more importance than any of those put together. Any occurence of this should immediately result in a major systems crash (of the OP's computer), it should herald a bl**dy great boxing glove coming out of the screen and superglue appearing on the tops of all the keys on their keyboard and when all of that has occured, the system should recover with the below screen:


capture.jpg (26.1 kB)
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Jun 19, 2017 at 02:49 PM

You're not? :( But... but...

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I could swear I hear someone singing Kumbaya in the background!

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(or was that banjo music)?

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I don't think I'm a communist so I'm not sure how far to the left I am of you, or you to the right of me.....but since you are such a peace loving liberal, what would you have us say to those 'peace-loving palestinians' after three years of war in 6 years ? Oh, I know that you want to push us all into the sea, but let sit around the camp fire and sing Kumbaya instead.....

But definately not banjo music....

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Eh... what?!

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Kumbaya Law....

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Makes a lot more sense with the quotation marks around "Oh, I know that you want to push us all into the sea, but let sit around the camp fire and sing Kumbaya instead" as it's done in the urban dictionary. ^^


You know, punctuation marks save lives:

"Let's eat Grandpa." <> "Let's eat, Grandpa."



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Mostly center right on fiscal policy and center left on social issues. Not sure where you would be positioned vis a vis me.

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first rule of sap area - no talks on politics

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Humblest apologies! You are quite correct.

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you just remember, mister, there is no i in team !!!!

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But there is a "me" in it.

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ne no so good in ingles mister....

I'm sure we all need to take diversity course :)
Different cultures, different "hello's"

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You know the drill - create an idea, promote it here, we up-vote, it gets prioritized...

Imagine how fun it will be when they start testing the solution :)

I expect a few bugs and some collateral damage, but it will liven up the place - things have been a bit dull and gray lately.

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Change request already arrived.


Electric shocks through the keys.

Business Justification:

It would be quite fun.

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With the right mix of features after a few stimulus -> response cycles even the thought of writing the text could result in painful reaction without further intervention... simply marvelous...

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As you say - Simply Marvelous!!

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