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Changes to bug reporting procedures for SAP Community

If you, like me, are not following using, or Moshe's blog Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback After Go Live, you might have missed the announcement for changes to bug reporting procedures, because nobody really goes every time through SAP Community Support page to check for changes.

A we have no Announcement feature yet, I have taken the liberty to post in Coffee Corner, where this has a higher chance to be seen by forum regulars.

As outlined in SAP Community Support, now the right approach to report bugs is:

For technical support -- including help with bugs and incidents related to SAP Community solutions (such as blogging and Q&A) -- please fill out this contact form or send an email to the IT Support team at

If we are not sure whether a certain behavior is related to a deliberate design choice or it is unclear how to use a certain functionality, my understanding is that we can still post questions with tag using and ask for assistance.

Here is one additional clarification, provided by Moshe (in case you are wondering what to do with the existing bug reports):

Whatever was already reported no need to capture and send to the support team again. Just new bugs. The focus should be forward looking.

I hope, that it is not against ROE to post this information as a discussion: if it were not for Moshe to point out the procedure change as a comment in a question, where I participated, I would have missed it.

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  • Jun 13, 2017 at 07:10 AM

    Hmmmm... the contact form for bug reports. Odd choice, because there is no way to add screenshots.

    And with either way (form or email) there is no way for others to know this has already been reported, no way to track the status etc. :/

    • Jun 13, 2017 at 07:22 AM

      This is the other reason why I posted this as a Coffee Corner discussion - maybe we can agree on alternative ways to provide sufficient information and track bug reports without breaking rules :)

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