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[Status Update] Big brother is watching?

Anyone else notice recently that the community pages are loading slower and have the spinny logo on the browser tab:

and at the same time there is a tracker indication in the status bar?

There is obviously a correlation between the two, and the waiting request is somewhat disruptive to the overall UX when navigating around the community. It seems to be common and not tied to one of the sites.

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bigbrother2.jpg (4.5 kB)
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Jun 08, 2017 at 07:35 PM

you haven't yet realized that I am quicker?


Google already gives me screens to confirm that I am not a robot.

Do you also think they made a mistake with DAED and it should actually be DEAD?

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Jürgen L
Jun 08, 2017 at 08:00 PM

Page not found :(

Ah the final / is not part of the link

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Perhaps I am the lucky one - the spinny wait is only 12 seconds:

I guess you can put me down for 'failed to search' for my CC post...

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In this special case I treat a second discussion as supportive.

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NoScript - no problems :)

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Hi, Jeremy:

Jürgen shared this , and I did try to provide an answer there. But I don't know if you're experiencing a separate issue.

I saw that you had contacted people internally about this. I saw from email threads it's being investigated.


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Thanks Jerry - yes, when I realized it was already happening for a few days, I tried to bring further attention to the issue with an email. I did not notice this until earlier this morning myself, and even without Jürgen's time zone advantage, it is hard to compete with the king...

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I'm already paranoid about what google is doing in my phone and within my Chrome browser so don't start that here......

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Come on, it's Friday :)

If you are just a tiny bit paranoid, you could try a different browser - Firefox, TOR and Opera are available for Android.

If you are a bit more paranoid and more adventurous, you could root your phone and do whatever you want with it.

If you are even more paranoid and you feel that Big Brother is still watching - it is probably a bad idea to use any Google, Apple, Samsung or Microsoft products.

If you are extremely paranoid and nothing else helped - it is time to put on the tinfoil cap and use pigeons or smoke signals to transmit messages. *** Beware, pigeons will sell you out for food, and they are easy to fool ***

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Regarding the tinfoil hat...

I think that someone conducted a hypothetical experiment on reading minds and if you can prevent it by wearing a tinfoil hat.

Well, the conclusion was that donning an aluminium fedora or suchlike would result, if any, in making it a lot easier for alien/government mind reading/controlling apparatuses to work.

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Accepting the idea that a protective helmet of any material, known to humanity (or aliens!), could prevent others from intercepting your thoughts, implies that there is not much of a thought process worth reading. :)

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I already have TOR on my laptop and orbot/orfox on my phone. I suppose j'd better invest in a tinfoil hat now.

Btw a good read. Sycamore by Craig A. Faulkner.


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It would appear things have been fixed - still seeing the privacy.js file and other activities, but not seeing the noticeable delays in loading.

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You browse without an ad blocker? :)

But yes, you are right - after I turned off all possible browser protection in a portable FF, performance was much better than a few days ago.

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Yes - unsafe browsing here, and I brazenly share my avatar, location, and company in my profile too :) Thank you for confirming that whatever fix was done has solved the performance concerns.

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Heheheh, unsafe browsing is hardly something to boast about, but I was merely surprised - on most laptops, with which I had to deal in the past year, there was some ad blocker installed :)

I suppose, that for corporate laptops the situation is different, either because of some additional content filtering/blocking software applied, or just because the support team will handle the mess and not the user...

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Different calendar week - different blue spinny...this time "Waiting for"

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You beat me by 2 minutes

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