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How many implementations out there.........

Are developed without the benefit of Lock Objects ?

Judging by the type of questions being asked in the ABAP developers forums can it be inferred that if people ask how to program in ABAP that they do not know anything about programming in multi-user systems ??



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Jun 08, 2017 at 07:59 AM

Locking belongs in the same category as authorisations: Optional fluff. Doesn't add to the functionality, it works on DEV with or without, so why should we care?

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Not really important then ?

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No, as long as it works in dev and QA it's on time and on budget.

How else are we supposed to offload escalating project costs if not onto a support budget?

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True... True

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Ran into this previously quite a bit in the MM/WM arena. SI did not care to use and it worked wonderfully in dev and q but those systems did not nearly approximate the volume of concurrent users.

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You mean two users testing in sequence is not enough? It proves that multiple users can use the system.

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Let's perform all development directly in Prod :)

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You don't?

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It is the perfect test environment with lots of current data

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Ah yes, the good old' Call <FM> Destination via Local Workflow RFC. *sips coffee*

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