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Coffee corner tag?

With the 3000+ all-singing all-dancing tags, is it not possible to post something here and in Q&A? Bit disappointing if not.

I wanted to share an error title that is perfect CC material at the same time as reporting the issue about The Question Authority Taking Excessive Breaks, but couldn't find a way to do both in one go.

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Jun 06, 2017 at 07:57 PM edited Jun 06, 2017 at 07:57 PM

This was possible a while ago, but they fixed it: [BUG]: Coffee Corner tag selectable for questions .

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"Fixed" as in disabled? I had tried with secondary tags as well, without success.

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And it's on purpose, because the CC should be a separate place. A nice place, where the evil league of tags has no power. Here you only have one... one for all and all for one. <3

But you can plug your threads here, if they are CC material. For sure, go for it! We do it all the time. ;)

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Some people have been using "coffee corner" as a user tag, but it's not an official tag (and was never meant to be) -- for the reasons Steffi says. (Although I probably wouldn't have said "evil league of tags." As one of the league's chief supervillians, I have my own loyalties.)

You can also cross-reference your posts here in Coffee Corner -- again as Steffi notes. I do so myself. Got something cooking for today or tomorrow, in fact.

I'm working on a response to The Question Authority Taking Excessive Breaks now.

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