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[Status Update] Truth Theory Inspiration

Hidden within the never-ending scroll, a promoted video from Facebook caught my attention, so I wanted to share it for some thought provoking inspiration, especially with some of the recent CC discussions that could otherwise compartmentalize us as:

  1. venters
  2. sympathy seekers
  3. chronic complainers

Would it be wrong to point out that the slide show was lacking a spell check option too? There is your Easter egg hunt for the day.

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May 31, 2017 at 06:29 PM edited May 31, 2017 at 06:33 PM

Powerpoint does have spell check. Most apps do today. No excuse.. probably someone didn't use the tools provided! But that was almost the key word to the whole presentation. I'm surprised they missed that!

So I'm probably somewhere between 1 & 2. Not #3 I don't think. But there are legit complaints here!!! And that's not a choice here!


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if a single spelling mistake is an Easter egg then the SAP community must be a egg production (I almost wrote egg plant - and my spell checker would not have warned me about this mistake)

and if teacher was a job were people could make a lot money then I would really like to see the posts under the "carrier" tag in their community

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Apparently ignoring problems is the way to a happier life? Where is the option regarding a problem well defined is halfway solved?

Many of the complaints here come along with suggested solutions, especially Veselina's adjustments to what gets viewed and how with her personal overrides.

Whether the folks who could implement them, actually will, is on them. Leading a horse to water doesn't always work. Consider this as adding salt to the feed bucket.

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I think you were hoping that the list had a 4th option for: tilting at windmills

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Hi Jeremy,

As you are well aware, that's my personal favorite, but I did not want that as a replacement for other people's number 4. However, I have to agree that it is a valid selection for my some of us here (at times).

Cheers, Mike
SAP Technology RIG

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Step 1: Build up anger.

Step 2: Channel anger into something useful.

Step 3: Profit.

Optional step, highly recommended: don't spend time on inspirational videos, play some FPS, go jogging - these are better for your health :)

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I'm sure someone is profiting from the click traffic for the promoted video :)

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Well, yes, you can skip directly to step 3, but it is less fun.

I picture an author of inspirational videos as a creepy person, locked in a basement or a cubicle :)

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Quite possibly they are also dog owners.

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...or just high on antidepressants. Reminds me of the Other Mother in Coraline stapling smiles. Yikes.

I'd change the soundtrack to Mr. Mackey from South Park: "Negativity is bad, mkay". Would sound more adequate for something coming from a website providing "alternative news".

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