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[Status update]: some tags have really long descriptions...

And the winner is... (maybe*)...

An impressive result of 100 characters! There are questions with shorter body text than this tag description (locked by moderators, but this is irrelevant). There are bonus points for the powerful dot+comma+abbreviations combo. Imagine how it looks on mobile.

You don't need to imagine, here it is:

I cannot help but think about Leonard of Quirm: a great inventor and a failure, when it comes to naming inventions.

* I use the Excel file, not the page for All content.

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May 26, 2017 at 05:07 AM

Veselina, just for naming Leonard of Quirm i totally agree with you.
And i'll agree on anything you'll ever say!

May the Blind Io bless you!

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So many letters yet the "v" at the end suggests the description is longer than the visible length. :D

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Yep, it's clearly "version". Which would mean there are more of such tags with different versions.

Although SAP is on another renaming spree and BOBJ is being dropped now, so it should make this tag a bit shorter. Simplification FTW! :)

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I'd rather have those lengthy tag names than those for the Fiori apps, where there isn't even a hint that's a Fiori app. Instead they just throw terms at you, what the app does or is about. "My expenses"...

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Yep, gotta love these. And sooooo much content in each one of them!

image.jpg (74.6 kB)
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Let's also be glad that there aren't 8336 'app' tags (the current count in the apps reference library)...

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