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Probably been suggested before but....

Why do they not collate all the changes for a particular thread/question into 1 entry in "followed activities" for example.

Apologies if I was hibernating when this question was last asked......


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May 24, 2017 at 09:07 AM

It's not possible because "Activities" is a list of events sorted by timestamp...

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Then perhaps it should morph into 'changed/updated threads' or something

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Try to propose sample :) You will loose time sequence of events... And the result will be simply list of questions like on the tag page.

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As far as I know they are working on it that updates and liked etc are reported in on entry in the Activity stream instead of several.

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Hi, Richard:

I believe your suggestion is the same as the submission in Idea Place:

If so, it's definitely planned.


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Yep -same thing.

Thanks Jerry.

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Still unable to imagine how it will look like...

Is it possible to show the draft of this idea implementation?

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