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Love the new menu design


For past few months, I despised the small font based menu options on SAP forum(scn).

I love the new menu options on the SCN screen. Are there more such changes in future to get back the love and loyalty of the old SCN?



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May 22, 2017 at 07:10 AM

The menu itself is fine. The only issue that it will flash on the screen if you hover over the menu area - very annoying if you have to switch browser tabs. It's better to show menu only if the user click on the menu item.

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Agreed. But, my reaction was relative to the old menu. I confess that there was a very little usage of the feature by myself.

The more it's used, I am sure we will be able to identify and fine tune the experience.

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Agree. Clicking any form of browser controls (tabs, back, toolbar) in the browser invariably causes mouse travels near the menu and - boom - the page is blocked out until I send the mouse off to a grand tour of my screen to make the menu disappear.

What makes it worse is that the 'Products' menu block, which is most often in the way (near the Safari navigation buttons), is the biggest, blocking out most of the page. It's worse than having a cat nearby when trying to read a newspaper.

Apologies to those who built it but I find it very irritating. I would prefer a small delay or click. Many sites have these instant flash up menus and I never liked them.

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Not sure it's getting a lot of love. As Vadim noted, the menu is OK (odd grouping and item choices aside) but it would be nice if it didn't flash all the time.

I certainly hope no such "improvements" are coming...

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There is this little thingy called 'hoverIntent' #justsaying...

Until/if the SAP team decides to adjust the flickering problem, here are a few workarounds, which I am weighing out at present:

* adjust page size to 980px (either for the window where you use the forum or just use responsive design mode of the browser): in this case you get the mobile menu, which works on click. Advantages - no flicker. Disadvantages: you end up with more than one window in the browser, which is inconvenient, if you also have another browser for your S-user. I found no way to trigger responsive design mode by default when opening a new tab.

* make use of keyboard shortcuts as much as possible+graphical tab preview. Advantages - you still have wider pages and the desktop-specific menu. Disadvantages - not everybody likes using the keyboard + not every browser has graphical tab previews (mine is pretty good, but this is an extra click).

* add the dropdown menu in uBlock as cosmetic filter and switch it on/off on demand. Advantages: easy to set up. Disadvantage - no keyboard shortcuts for on/off, which means an extra click.

* scroll down each page to hide the menu (the position is retained upon page refresh). Advantages - easy to do, but gets tedious after a while. Disadvantages - I won't see if there are new notifications.

Of course, there is always the option of a Greasemonkey script, but it seems too much hassle.

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Oh man, the SCN users are relentless. Give us huge previews in CC - no problemo, we squash it with AdBlock. Missing blogs? Dust off the RSS feed. Seizure-inducing menu? Keyboard shortcuts FTW. Bring it on, SAP! :)

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Come on, most people here make a living by adapting SAP's design decisions to real-world scenarios, this is essentially the same...

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So where can I find the next SAP Community consultant?

(Although I'm going to learn some fancy CSS tricks here in the handicraft corner...)

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Heheh, userContent.css FTW :)

So where can I find the next SAP Community consultant?

You could be your own SAP Community consultant, if you wish, which is the best part of it all.
It is amazing how many things one can learn from the SCN->SAP Community transition.

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I have to admit that I much prefer the new menu. It is actually a tremendously more easily understood set of choices than what we had before.

That said, the hover activation is a colossal PITA! I use a standard set of tabs in both IE and Chrome. It is awfully d@mn difficult to navigate with that popping up all the time.

Cheers, Mike

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Well, there are more choices and they are grouped together but I end up using the new and improved menu only to get to the Coffee Corner. And where did the link to the home page go?

Post/write items are available in the Action menu. I already have ABAP tag bookmarked in the browser and the good old spreadsheet is still easier to use to find other tags, should I need it.

All the "About..." stuff is needed once in a lifetime. And it was much easier to refer newbies to Getting Started when it was in the top right corner.

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And where did the link to the home page go?

Do you mean the "Community" start page? Just click on the tab itself. It's a link.

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Wow... Mind sufficiently blown. It's a tab! It's a menu! It's a link! It's an airplane!

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Yeah, for me this is the biggest issue with the menu. On mobile you can't click the tab :/

This really makes me wonder, how such things are being designed and tested. I would assume the simplest test script to cover all links are accesible from desktop and mobile.


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This is what it looks like on my phone:

As Bartosz mentioned, I cannot even get to the questions. Unfortunately, this seems quite unusable to me :(

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Took me some time to realize the headers for blogs and questions get me to the overview pages I was missing. ^^

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In the menu itself, you can also click SAP Community to get to the home page.

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yes, "love" 3 in 1 :

I simply did a screenshot for you

1.jpg (124.2 kB)
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uber-mega menu? ultra-mega menu? jumbo lump mega menu? or perhaps mega-mega-mega menu :)

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Digitally Transformed Menu with IoT and Big Data and Blockchain. Now with 25% more Cloud. And 33% more color (orange aka new black).

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Jumbo lump crab for me.

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Meta menu. I guess you win. So much information is too much for my brain (and taste). :D

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