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Are we not yet used to the new community?

as we are way over a month after the go-live, I can only assume this is not yet in place because we're not yet used to all the changes, platform switch and/or the tags :).

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May 19, 2017 at 06:28 AM
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thanks, fully up to speed now. Seems there are still some issues on the new community.... :)

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Or you can assume that we are still in Open Beta... :)

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As one comedian said, you can never complete the [home] renovation, you can only stop it. :)

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Well, I read that as "we've not had a chance to get used to all the changes" so it's clear who's to blame:)

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The reputation overview page was overdue for an update. I edited the wording to indicate the timing is still to be determined.

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Hi Mario, Just want to update you here in case you missed the announcement, the new mission set is live:

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Hi, I saw the announcement. All into missions now :)

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