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-1 Votes?

-1 Votes????

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May 16, 2017 at 02:16 PM

It would appear that someone down-voted your question:

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I don't understand why would someone do that?


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I can't speak for the community member who did this, but if it makes you feel better I just up-voted the question so now it shows 1 instead of -1

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Hahahaha... You made me laugh... thanks

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Wait, you mean -1 + 1 = 1?

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-1+1+1 = 1

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That can of mathematical worms has been opened a few times already here in the CC, Q&A, or IdeaPlace --> don't remember exactly...

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How did I miss that? I do like a good can of worms...

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I am having a sense of deja vu over this one too. I'm trying to dig up the previous conversations and any resolutions...

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Yep, that's SCN math .

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LOL - I considered pseudo @mentioning you in my last comment, but apparently you read my mind ;)

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I remember that now. I think my brain must have blocked it out for fear of driving me (more) mad.

So to summarise:

  • -1 + 1 = 1
  • -1 +1 -1 = 0

Right? Thank goodness this is not a company that produces accounting software... :-)

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