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Has anyone been the daredevil and used SAP GUI 750 in anger yet?

I installed it and quite like the convergence with Fiori via the Accept SAP Fiori visual theme option, but I would be interested in any experience of real use.

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May 12, 2017 at 03:56 PM

I have not done much with it yet, but so far, things are fine...

Belize-Theme is something new I have to get used to (save and cancel in the lower right, back (F3) in the upper left, menu entries I know hidden, less information displayed on the screen = more scrolling/searching..)

but that's ok!



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Just discovered an issue. When you install new GUI you can't open a service connection with SAP. When opening oez file you are getting error saying "Library librfc32.dll cannot be found".

This is probably due to replacement of librfc32.dll with NWRFC.

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