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"So long and thanks for all the fish" - Jelena 2 is coming to the theatres near you

Well, I knew this was coming eventually but thought I had at least a few months. Whaddayaknow. Turns out it's happening today! We are getting new S-IDs and most of you know what that means - "no more SCN for you".

Hopefully I still have some time before the old ID is gone completely but just posting this to let you know I'm alive but could get cut off unexpectedly. On a bright side - hundreds of SCN members will now have much less content in their activity stream. :)

Will post another update with the new account when it's up and running.

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May 10, 2017 at 04:24 PM

Wouldn't this be a good chance to jump on the P-user train if you have to start over anyway?

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Yes, please, Jelena, create your P-user account...can't miss you!!

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You will forever be a Diamond :)

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Another chance for me to point to this idea: vote for it and Jelena might eventually get her content back (I don't give up the hope so far...)

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By the way, how would you get the lemon badge associated with your new user?

It is not, that it gives you special privileges (other than access to the super secret mega efficient SAP notes search and the completely overhauled forum site☺), but I suppose, that there is some procedure to request Jam access...

If there is no such thing, then I will definitely vote to make you a mentor again.

A P-user account is good, if you don't mind switching between browsers and if you choose your mail provider wisely.

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I believe the Mentor lemon can be assigned to the new ID, I'll just have to ask someone to do that. Pretty sure some simple UPDATE * WHERE... could solve the whole user migration issue too. :)

Meanwhile at least we've been told that old S-users will be active for some time. Phew.

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Veselina, you're giving away all our most closely-held secrets! Shhh, everyone else is not supposed to know that the lemon badge unlocks the efficient Notes/SCN Search and the user-friendly/intuitive SCN UI!

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Remember the solution is always 42!

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Love that reference. With some deep thought I will come up with the question. Now, who is Jelena and what was she talking about? Long live Jelena 2!

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Don't you dare wander off, Jelena; we need you here! D-:

Stupid Question: Why can't SCN be used with a new S-ID? (I mean, you get a "fresh" user and are disconnected from the content your previously created, but isn't that all what happens?) *confused*

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Alas, poor Jelena! I knew her...a fellow SCN-er of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.....

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I don't recognize that quote @Christopher Solomon!

Dang, forgot I was not in Jam.

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You sure? You don't recognize one of the most famous Hamlet scenes? ^^

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Hi Steffi,

I recognized it as a quote and I guess I could have Googled it. I had no problem admitting my ignorance on that score. Hamlet was never one of my favorite Shakespeare plays anyway. :D
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends...!" is much more to my taste from Bill's repetoire.

Cheers, Mike (Moderator)
SAP Technology RIG

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But... but that's the one with the skull and everything!

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What can I say? I'm more of a warlike kind of person...

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"Lay on, MacDuff, and d*mn'd be him who first cries 'Hold, enough!'"

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Quite a literary group we have here!

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Yes! I was going to say Macbeth:

"Stars, hide your fires. Let not nature see

my dark and deep desires." (Bwahahahaha).

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Huh ??

You mean the old S number I've had for a zillion years is going ? Or is that just your work ?

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The S-user belongs to the company, not to the person, Richard. If you leave your current job or your company decides to change your S-user then you'll be in the same boat, if you use it on SCN.

Changes in my S-user mentioned above do not affect anyone else (at the moment).

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Good thing I manage the S-users at my company...

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Sooooo I got a new S-ID yesterday (the old one still works too hence I'm able to write this but more on that in a second). Of course, I needed to test-drive it right away and because I don't like punching in random numbers many times, I got a certificate for it at once.

Fast forward to today and I thought naively I'll just chose the old certificate when visiting SCN. Hahahahaha! Not so fast - says SCN. Even though I clearly picked an old certificate, SCN sent me to the Register page. OK, never mind, I'll just login manually then. Not so fast - says SCN. After clicking "cancel" on the certificate, it just went to a dark screen and gave me silent treatment.

But I don't give up so easily! Good thing I still have good old Firefox installed. So after declining to chose a certificate finally I get to the manual login page. Phew. Enter old S-ID and password. Not so fast - says SCN. You need to reset the password for "security reasons". And for extra security it needs to be exactly 8 characters.

But eventually, after about 30 excruciating minutes and cold sweats thinking I've been banned from SCN my persistence paid off.

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Jelena 2.0 --> still a Diamond, but your experience as you've described it sure puts a whole new perspective on 'incognito mode'

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So did you post somewhere with the new account so we can start stalk- eh following that one?

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Yeah, I tried but apparently I'm too sexy for SCN (or the other way around):

"contact your system administrator"? ROTFLMAO! Oh, I can see one heck of a blog coming after the rage wears off. :-[

Anyways, new account already created, so if anyone wants you may start following it: . But it seems I'm pretty much unable to post anything under it until all mighty and powerful System Administrator awakens from the slumber and bestows upon me some special privileges.

no-permission.jpg (16.1 kB)
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What about posting answers? These may require different karma values or user group assignments.

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Apparently I can post to my hearts content in the blog comments. No go on the comments in CC or in the questions. Both questions and answers go into the black hole of pre-moderation.

Feel rather unwelcome in this community, hm...

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And here System Administrator strikes again:

sysadmin-again.jpg (49.7 kB)
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I think your doppelganger Jelena 2.0 broke the mold ;)

I just followed your new user and for whatever reason I was no longer logged in here with Chrome, so the "* Please Login or Register to Comment on or Follow discussions." message above the post forced me to click it and it led me to this lovely screen:

Thank goodness for IE 11 --> old faithful, or else I couldn't post this...
cjgoodlogin.jpg (28.0 kB)
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Hi Jelena,

i checked with IT and the answer was:

"Your new s-user automatically is under moderation for the first 3 days in our Q&A system. That is a build in moderation feature we use for every new user"

But I think we need to take a minute and to see the half glass here, when someone who as active as you are learn first hand about the newbi process and give us the insight on the struggles....

Besides the fact that we will assign your new S user your old permissions and abilities, maybe we can all learn from it and think together what can be improved or emphasiszed...


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Jeremy, I guess it should read "success":false instead. :)

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And now your many followers will have to re-follow?

(FWIW, your "Company and location" info has changed, just in case that is not desired. I dunno but remember that such info might be more visible than expected. Of course a second incarnation helps to study those effects. - I might have preferred a direct message but that is only possible with Jelena V1. What a mess.)

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Yes, this is really the worst part here. I can always look up my old content in the old profile, as long as it's not deleted. And I don't care about karma. But now I have to re-follow 100+ people myself and few hundred SCN members would have to re-follow me. And hopefully they know it because I remember wondering why isn't Paul Hardy posting anything just to find out that he switched to a new account. Had no idea. At least in my case I still have access to both accounts and was able to post a note in the profile.

Edit: thanks for pointing out about the location. I made it visible on purpose. Any idiot can google my name and see my LinkedIn profile, so that ship has sailed anyway. :)

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Hey Jelena,

I gave you your blogger author role and mentor status back.



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Thanks, Gabi! If you can see this text then it means I can comment in CC again. :)

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Yaaaaaaay! (I had to add a lot of "a"s because of the minimum character limit...)

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Former Member
Jun 22, 2017 at 01:43 PM
It's a good chance to ask Jason Lax if there is any update on the "Merging accounts" feature...
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Yeah, if only we could @-mention him...

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Hi - I'm no longer involved in community support (nor have been for a couple of years now).

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In the spirit of the upcoming July 4th Holiday in the USA, this move clip seemed appropriate as I reviewed my recent activity feed - LOL

Jelena 2.0 is baaaack :)

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And for the record - this earlier CC post had nothing to do with the role that Randy Quaid had in the aforementioned movie clip :)

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