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I love the new icons!


it's probably some problem with caching or slow processing of the website, but still I like the new icons! Unfortunately they lasted only for few seconds (just enough for me to take a screenshot) and then changed to a standard ones :(

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May 02, 2017 at 04:33 PM

So I'm seeing a woman, a fish, skis and ski boots, and the U.S. flag.

Now using those four things, can you tell a story?

Because here's mine...

A woman, carrying a fish, walks into a ski lodge.

One of the lodge employees looks right at her and says, "You're an American."

Surprised, the woman says, "Yes, I am. How did you know?"

The employee says, "I 'smelt' it."

Thank you. I'll be here all week.

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I'm not sure if I have any chances here! You are the wordsmith and I'm just SAP consultant :)

Best regards


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OK, let me give it a try with a joke I heard years ago... :)

Two guys were out fishing on the lake in America, but they were constantly disturbed by a women on water skies. They got angry and started to throw a stones to her. Suddenly, one hit her head and the women collapsed and started to drawn. Not waiting a minute, they got her out of the water and started mouth-to-mouth. Then one is asking "why does she smell so bad?" "Maybe because the one we hit had a skies and not the ice skates?" the other replied.

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Political thriller: Hillary Clinton gone fishing and the whole USA is on a slippery slope.

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You made me realize, that for 320x480 (my old phone), the image + menu cover half of my screen :(

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