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When the system enforce a concept...

Ok, sorry SAP!

i forget i declared the structure as import!

Please, don't beat me any more! i understood my mistake!


Reading! Did you understand!?


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Apr 28, 2017 at 10:49 AM

I had something simmilar a few day ago, but currently don't remember - I'll post it, if I come across it again!

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I remember something like this from the "Coded humor" thread, that now rests in the archive. "Echo echo echo echo". :D

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SAP equivalent of "umbrella... ella... ella". :) It was mentioned in the old epic "Stuff SAP could fix" thread (sorry, can't give the link to the exact comment, you'll need to scroll 1-2 times to get there). Funny thing, Horst Keller replied back in March 2016: "A well known bug in translation of TRMSG that should be fixed by now".

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