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Avatar Pictures Gone?

So... is it just me or have all avatar pictures been wiped from SCN? If that's the case, I'm in trouble. I recognize most people on SCN foremost by their Avatars, for example Bubbly-Rainbows, White-Bunny-Security-Banhammer or MSPaint-Clown-Matt.

Also, I want my super-serious Legoface back >:-(

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Apr 26, 2017 at 03:51 PM

Not just you. is broken...

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..and moments after my bleating stuff works again - delightful! :-)

But, Steve, *gasp* where did your awesome Steve-Artwork-Avatar go? :-O

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You mean this one?

Did I ever use this here on SCN/Community? I thought I only used it on twitter? Maybe it is time to give it a try here?

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You definitly used a "comic" avatar on the old SCN for a time. At least I remember something like that. And the "red nose" avatar, too.

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Ah, the red nose from last year. I did like that one... :-)

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Yeeeeeah! That one is awesome.

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Yess, that's the one. You did use it as your avatar here on SCN some years ago ;-)

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Wow, the following text as avatar, well, that's real cool:

Guess I have to rename my account as "Myself" to beat that, or use "This is not my avatar" as image:)

scnmyavatar.png (1.2 kB)
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Was only temporary. People Profile is back online and with that avatars too.

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