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[Status Update]Many things that are wrong with SCN in a single question

Came across this question today and it seems like an epitome of all the different issues on SCN. Some are platform related, some go back as far as SDN probably.

1. Clearly OP did not do enough research before posting.
2. Instead of hitting the moderator button, two people posted answers consisting of a link.
3. OP posts another answer (!) "solved myself".
4. OP closes the question without selecting an answer (well, thanks for that, at least).
5. The question still shows up on the list even with "Unanswered" filter (wasn't this reported back in October?).

Now we have some useless information not in one but in 3 tags (sure, add HANA too) and both repliers have no clue that OP ever came back to reply. # 5 is cherry on top.

Please don't answer LMGTFY questions, folks. If it can be answered with a link then OP should be capable of finding it on their own.

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  • Apr 25, 2017 at 09:06 PM

    Unfortunately, missing google skills is quite common. But this always surprise me, as very often asking a question on forum takes more time than using search - especially if you need to create an account.

    But on the other hand, amount of topics on SCN would decrease dramatically (at least in my area)...

    Best regards


    • Apr 26, 2017 at 07:19 AM

      Creating an account is very simple and does not require any specific knowledge (other than basic English or pasting text in Google Translate).

      Using a search engine like Google requires at least to know what to ask and understand written text (usually in a non-native language). It is not uncommon to read not very well-formulated questions, usually you have to request additional information, which the OP does not always interpret correctly. This could be due to language barriers, or the lack of understanding how things work, or wrong understanding what is the purpose of this site (some are still under the misconception, that it is a mix of a training facility and an official free-of-charge SAP support, so why bother putting effort, you will get help, anyway).

      Or maybe it has something to do with the differences in the education practices between countries and specialties...

      It is much easier to post a brain dump, let 'the gurus' figure out what you meant, then follow simple step-by-step instructions (run this report, post screenshot of this...).

      • Apr 26, 2017 at 07:55 AM

        I can't agree more! I'm not posting question to forum, because usually I can find the solution on my own in a shorter time. But I remember years ago (when we had SDN) I asked few questions, which topics were probably easy for someone who had experience. It's time to pay back :)

        But yes, definitely there are OPs who are just lazy. Few times I wanted to reply something like RTFM or GIYF but it won't change anything :(

        I think the solution closest to my heart is education. SCN could display some information how the best question looks like (something similar to how it's done on stackoverflow). And if you are new to the forum, then your question should be moderated. Then, we'd really have good topics, well formated etc. Oh, I think I started to dream too much, maybe it's time to post an idea?

        Best regards


        • Apr 26, 2017 at 03:09 PM

          I believe prior to migration the newbie questions actually went into pre-moderation automatically. At least once I had to help a teammate whose question got stuck for days there. However, it's not unusual to see such questions even coming from the users with "join date" few years back. I'm always wondering what gives. Have they not learned anything in all those years?

          I'm with you completely on education. (Although, again, when I see same questions about the stuff that's been covered in the blogs, wikis, etc. already I'm starting to lose hope. :) ) And we were told that new "world class" SCN will have some improvements. E.g. when you type in the question subject, some "intelligence" is supposed to suggest existing questions that might be similar. But that intelligence relies heavily on the user entering the right keywords and in the cases when it's actually most needed it just goes "dunno, here is some stuff":

          One might say - gee, how could you blame AI for the user's stupidity. But somehow Google makes up for my poor English knowledge with "did you mean ... ?". That's a real intelligence, not SAP-grade basic string match.

          image.jpg (38.6 kB)
          • Apr 26, 2017 at 03:58 PM

            TBH I think this whole migration even broke Google - it's way more difficult to find something on SAP sites than it used to be before.

            I'm would like to know how many question is being raised these days. The website is showing that it has around 16500 questions, so it would be around 90 daily. Assuming half of them are coming from newbies - not so difficult to moderate. I have never read how moderators are being chosen, but I think there are people who would volunteer for such role.

            Best regards


            • Apr 26, 2017 at 04:31 PM

              For the tags that I frequent I can say that there are definitely less questions posted than there used to be on SCN. Which might be not bad (existing content is enough already, so maybe SCN members just consume and don't need to post anything, well, one could dream :) ). But with 3000 tags 90 questions spread among them is like a drop in a bucket. And I wonder how many just go into some obscure incorrect tags never to be found.

              And at this point we really should've already seen an increase in activity compared to pre-migration. If it's the same level then, adjusted for inflation, so to speak, it's actually a decrease.

            • Apr 26, 2017 at 09:00 PM

              where did you see the 16500 questions?

              I see 41332 questions, and these are only those who made it to the surface.

              Contrary, in the past full moderation (for first questions of Newbies) was only switched on in crisis times when there were spam attacks. With the current platform it is permanently on.

              For some tags you wont see the kind of questions that are discussed here, as we already take care of them in pre-moderation. But this requires active moderators, if you are only here sporadically then you can just wave through and remove the spam or act on alerts from others.

              Non-SAP moderators are usually hand picked based on their activities, their expertise and of course if there is need for additional moderators for a certain tag.

              Retagging is actually 90% of my moderator activity since the new platform went live, quite a pain! and a time killer. Asking people to re-tag themselves is a waste of time. I often got the answer: "Next time" , as if they do not want an answer for their current question.

          • Apr 26, 2017 at 09:10 PM

            Hi, Jelena and Bartosz:

            Hope you don't mind me butting in, but I wanted to address a few points from your conversation.

            Questions from new members still go into pre-moderation. They make up the bulk of my time when I try to help clean up the queue. And they are usually of the "poster didn't search" variety mentioned at the beginning. In fact, those questions are so common, I prepared boilerplate that I copy and paste when trying to help these posters.

            For starters, I encourage the posters to search before asking the question -- and, if they had searched, to explain what steps they took to find the information (to show they have a legitimate reason for asking). To guide them further, I send them to


   The former page gives details about when and how to ask questions and the latter page gives them an idea of what's frowned upon.

            Of course, moderation approaches differ from moderator to moderator. Some moderators give the posters the benefit of the doubt. (If the moderators don't have knowledge about the question topic -- if it's an obscure tag, to use Jelena's example -- they may not know whether the question is easily answered with search.) Others are more lenient. I have had tag moderators ask me to stop rejecting questions for their tags -- and I respect those requests (even if I don't fully agree with them...and sometimes cringe at what gets through).

            Finally, my colleague Moshe Naveh heads up our moderation program. Anyone interested in becoming a moderator can reach out to him or send an email to

            Best regards,


            • Apr 26, 2017 at 10:06 PM

              Hi Jerry,

              I want to be clear - I don't blame moderators for receiving strange questions. It is user who post a question and sometimes it can be very difficult decision to approve or reject a post.

              Personally I think more question should be rejected - otherwise we have surprises like this:


              I would even go further - if there is an author with more than 5 questions and he has never selected Best Answer - sorry, no more questions for you :)

              Best regards


            • Apr 27, 2017 at 05:09 PM

              Jerry, I was not blaming the moderators either. It is a difficult job. In the cases as above it's the SCN members who should do "the needful" and send an alert rather than post a "link answer". There was a good blog on "Link Jungle" that covers this subject.

              We all want to have better, more manageable content on SCN. Preventing duplicate posts is one of the ways to achieve that. Posting "link answers" enables bad behavior. And your approach to encourage the better behavior by advising OP is the right one.

  • Apr 28, 2017 at 09:55 AM

    I told one chap to report to moderators if he felt a question was a faq. He reported my comment to moderartors... :-)

    • Apr 28, 2017 at 03:30 PM

      Maybe the requirement was not clear to him? Reminds me of an old joke about a programmer's wife sending him to a store with the instructions: "get a loaf of bread, if they have eggs - get a dozen". He comes back with 12 loaves of bread.

      "If question is FAQ -> click Alert Moderator. Done!" :)

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