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Tags with exactly 1 blog on them :-)

Do we have a contest to find tags that have exactly 1 blog (or question) in them?
If not, I'm starting it now! :-)

Social MeetUp by SAP



PS: Counting only "real" tags ( /tags/[someBigNumber] ), not user-tags ( /tags/[aRealWord] )!

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Apr 25, 2017 at 08:14 AM

OK, what is the prize? The winner nominates 5 tags for deletion? :)

And are SAP Employees (who are a part of the SAP Community project team) allowed to participate?

Anyway, here are a few:

For me, the biggest challenge was to find exotic tags with content. It is amazing how stubbornly people resist switching to the SAP product terminology....

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If I participate, I think I would have an unfair advantage. Then again...I suppose it depends on the prize. :)

But to maybe make the contest a bit more interesting...

  • Should we just consider primary tags? (In this example, "Social MeetUp by SAP" is one of the secondary tags. The primary tag -- Corporate Social Responsibility -- is fairly popular. So I don't think the post will be in limbo -- which would have been its fate if SocialMeetUp by SAP were its only tag.)
  • Can we include questions as well? A tag may only have one blog post, but that might not fairly represent the overall activity associated with the topic. (Of course, that doesn't save SocialMeetUp by SAP. :) )

Then again, maybe I'm being a spoilsport. :)

FWIW, there is an effort to eliminate tags...although pointing to and is old hat. Does it help that it came up more recently as a priority on the road map (

Meh...I'm probably in defensive mode. None of that changes the fact that the contest can happen now. So I'll shaddup (unless I'm asked something). With thousands of tags, I might learn a couple new ones myself by following along... :)


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Roadmap only shows "Selective Tagging" in June. I have no idea what it means but you guys (=SCN team or whoever is in charge of this) need to delete the redundant tags ASAP. It will only get more difficult as people create new content and use the tags that really should not have been created.

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Tag "My Benefits", seriously?

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Sounds like one of those Fiori App thingys. You can easily recognize them via their missing "Fiori" in the name.

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