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Is it my imagination or are people suddenly asking questions here in the coffee corner instead of Q&A

There might have been one or two in the past but I count 4 so far today. Is the new overview page somehow leading people here?


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Apr 18, 2017 at 02:28 PM
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Apr 18, 2017 at 02:35 PM

Maybe they've decided this is the only place that people look at posts created? or this is the only place people are awake enough to do so because of the coffee? :)

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Quite a mess, methinks - is any moderator able to re-tag those postings?

Obviously I like to have my coffee without "too-work-related" questions...:)

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Even not re-tag, simply delete!

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Coffee corner discussions cannot be re-tagged, they do not have tags - delete is the only option.

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Hm, another nott too good design decision... - So one should just respond with "Go to the Q&A place" without any real hints here, right...?

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Def not just your imagination but I'm quite puzzled by the sudden influx as well. What gives?

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The coffee corner is neither prominent in the Community overview nor in Browse Community. But easy to misunderstand the entries in the Actions box which is everywhere now.

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Ah! Yes. That could explain it. Oops...

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If discussions are only for coffee corner then perhaps the label should be changed to something like post to coffee corner

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Thanks all, we've removed the link from the non-Coffee Corner pages.


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Probably, instead of the huge text Start a Discussion, we need an explanation there what is the purpose of creating a discussion (similar to what we had in the old site for SCN Support space) and a warning that work-related questions posted here might lead to inaccurate responses :)

On the other hand, we have no questions posted as status updates to troll yet, so at least this brings some variety.

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Two more so far today...

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Hi, everyone:

Yes, the new Actions menu is probably leading people here. the Coffee Corner is now open to anonymous users, so people may stumble across it more easily -- and assume this is the place to be once they log in.

We're working to revise the +Actions menu in the hopes of resolving the issue. In the meantime, we'll begin to delete the inappropriate questions, contact the posters, and help them get their questions tagged correctly.

Best regards,


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So thanks for doing the dishes, err, clearing up the coffee corner:)

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"Start a Discussion" has been removed from the Action+ menu on I think best is to keep it only here in the Coffee Corner. Renaming the entry is also an option, but any feedback on this would be helpful.

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Thanks Oliver.

If it is only visible here in the Coffee Corner, then I think it is fine as it is. No need to rename it.

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I agree. Most likely people would visit CC first before posting something new anyway, so this makes sense.

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