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New Overview-Page is live!

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Apr 18, 2017 at 12:27 PM

About 50% of what we had in 2012. And now with 300% more white space and scrolling!

Oh well, maybe it's just the yesteryear's promises of "world class community" set my expectations unreasonably high...

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now with 300% more

From a marketing point of view, that's a perfect fit for a word-class improvement, isn't it?

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FWIW, we're not fans of it either (the white space, that is). You could say it's our white whale (although I can't imagine why you would).

Per Jamie's blog post (which Joachim kindly shared): "In addition, we’re looking to eliminate the excessive white space from the new home page and Browse the Community pages in the coming weeks. This is a part of the wider user experience and design efforts that are taking place around the site."

I'm not sure how it will ultimately compare to 2012, but we know it needs to get way better. This is just the first phase in what should be ongoing improvements to the overview page.

Best regards,


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part of the whiter user experience

Oops, that's what I had read accidentally:)

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I'm just glad I didn't write (white?) it accidentally that way. :)

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Not only yours, Jelena....

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Probably, I won't be using the overview as my landing page any time soon - it loads really slow: 16.7 seconds for the overview page via gmetrix, compared to the answers page (8.2s) or Coffee Corner (9.3). I use the Activity page bookmark now, (6.8s) for the lack of better options. I log on, check my messages, then I load the bookmark of my draft blog page with tag links and start navigating.
The relevant information, is a bit too generic and rather scarce, plus, I can get the info faster and without scrolling via other means...

I can understand why the page is slow - it tries to be many things at once and provide solutions to multiple problems. Sadly, one of the main benefits of the overview page - to bring a sense of community feel, was somehow missed (at least this is my perception).

I am probably over-thinking this, but my tiny brain cells can't decide whether I should scan or read the page - information density changes, before I have finished my first coffee, are challenging.

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