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Coffee Corner

„ Yo dawg I heard you liked Coffee Corner, so we put a Coffee Corner in your Coffee Corner”

Let's discuss coffee. How do you drink it, where do you find it, pet pieves, etc.

For me coffee is my breakfast, I start eating after I had one coffee. At home it's usually fresh ground beans in a cafetière and if I commute by train I usually get a coffee made from Illy beans from some Italian food chain. I buy my beans at the local supermarket (Lidl) or from an Italian supermarket in Rotterdam.

Sometimes I use my ibrik/briki for Turkish/Greek coffee which has a nice, bitter flavour. And occasionally a double espresso after dinner. And in the summer times I often whip up a frappé.

I drink all of my coffees without sugar and without milk.

That concludes my coffee drinking behaviour.

What's yours?

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Apr 18, 2017 at 09:02 AM

I am an early riser from my teens & always have my coffee mug full of black coffee - either filter coffee or instant with a pinch of sugar. That keeps me going for all the reading in the early morning.

Rest of the day is mostly coffee during meetings which have been forcefully cut down recently and replaced with water.

I do not enjoy Tea.

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Those Europeans with their fancy coffees and wine with lunch and universal healthcare. Pfst!

Here, in 'Murica *), we jump into our Chevy Suburban and go to a gas station to fill up a half-gallon travel mug with a local sports team logo (go Hurricanes!) from a pot that does not say "decaf" on it. Then we pour 1/4 cup of "non-dairy product" (made from the ground horse bones and asbestos dust, I believe) over it because it's quite surprising how these two substances combined almost can make a digestible drink. And if you buy 5 "breakfast croissan'wiches" you even get a free coffee. Yee-how!


*) Not my actual "coffee routine". I just make a cup of Aldi's "German roasted" in a vulgar drip coffee maker.

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I drink instant first thing in the morning - and it's very good!! Jacobs Kronung Coffee - Link:

I do not enjoy tea; I only drink it when I'm sick; then it's green tea for the win :)

My mother used to drink Aldi's all the time; she made a monthly trip to Aldi's to "stock up" :)

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Jacobs Krönung brings back childhood memories. Check out this video :)

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Boy, that is fancy; but I don't drink Jacob's from a cup and saucer. No clue what they are saying on the video...other SAP German employees say the coffee reminds them of their grandmother :)

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Jacobs Kronung was very popular in Latvia back when I left in 2000. The regular kind though, not the instant one. I guess they have a good marketing team since our local Russian / Mediterranean store here in the US also sells it.

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I literally have a black chevy suburban. However, here in the land of hipsters, we don't drink from sports team mugs. We have obscure nerd reference mugs. And Hydroflasks. Also, non-dairy creamer is gross. I'll take my organic, grass-fed, free-range hippie cow full dairy creamer, tyvm. ;)

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Those West Coast liberals, pfst! :)

P.S. I honestly don't know how that "non-dairy creamer" powder is still legal.

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Dropped my car off at the dealership for regular maintenance and saw that they had a new coffee setup with fresh brewed carafes, one exotic flavor (Guatemalan single mountain, north side between 1100 and 1200 meters in altitude, harvested only by female pre-teens during the three days centered on the full moon between the hours of 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM), one strong roast (French, Italian, or some other dark roast), one mild regular, one decaf and a carage of hot water. Two different kinds of sugar, three different diet sweeteners, and a big container of Cremora. Makes you want to cry. They got so much right and had to screw it up at the finish line!

I go for the strong dark roast (which is never strong enough for my taste) with half & half and sugar (none of that wussy chemical stuff). Minimum of three small or two large cups just to get going in the morning. Sometimes one more in the early afternoon to get past that sleepy time that hits between 2:00 and 3:00.

Cheers, Mike

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coffee.jpg (49.7 kB)
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I drink instant Jacobs in the morning - no sugar, no milk, no cookies (unlike Tammy, I don't like the taste, but I am too lazy go get anything better at 6 AM).

Where I live, there are still a few shops selling non-packaged coffee beans, and they can grind these for you in the shop, depending on how you prepare your coffee (coffee machine, Italian espersso pot or cezve), if you ask them (this makes sense only if you need to serve to a lot of people at once, otherwise I prefer to grind just before preparation).

I find the non-packaged beans there better than the packages, which you can buy at the local supermarkets (once you learn how to distinguish the good batches), and I like that you can experiment with combinations of different brands.

A proper cezve coffee needs a few grains of salt and a tiny bit of dark chocolate for extra aroma. Sadly, I am too lazy to prepare it. :)

*** I've been drinking coffee since the age of 7, but I am trying to reduce my daily intake to less than 500 ml. Instant coffee definitely helps, because I don't like how it tastes.

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I don't like instant coffee either. It always tastes sour to me.

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Veselina, try to get your hands on this - Starbuck - Via instant coffee - you give up drinking coffee even faster :)

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morning looks like this:

coffee.jpg (36.0 kB)
coffee.jpg (36.0 kB)
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Usually a long black drinker. It's breakfast and continues throughout the day. Cappuccino or flat white are close follow ups but some days I'll drink 7 or 8 coffees so it's too much milk

No sugar at all. Coffee snob so barista made or nespresso as back up

Summer was so hot this year that I switched to iced lattes until the barista at my go to coffee place near work put me onto iced long blacks. Brilliant on hot day and still no sugar

No particular style or bean but hate when it's burned

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The "long black" has not yet come to America, but we do now have the "flat white" here. I'm a fan of the long black myself. The closest here is the "Americano," but it's really not that close (difference being that an Americano has hot water poured over the top of the espresso shot, whereas the long black has the espresso shot poured over the top of hot water, thus maintaining the crema, which is lost in an Americano).

So, when in New Zealand, I drink long blacks. When in America, I do not drink Americanos, I drink "doppios," i.e. straight shots of espresso.

And at home, I make mid-sized cups of espresso (probably about four shots worth per cup?). :)

Always black. Always unsweetened. Never decaf.

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I don't drink coffee. I love the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans but I can't stand the taste of the stuff.

When I graduated from college and went into the Army, I was told I would be drinking coffee and smoking within 6 months - didn't happen. The only time I've had a full cup of coffee I was at cold weather survival school in January in northern Maine and I hadn't eaten in two days.

Instead I drink tea - in many forms and flavors. My current favorite is a combination of vanilla black with almond rooibos, both of which I get from Kusmi ( which has it's roots in pre-revolution Russia (used to be called Kusmichoff...)


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Dell, you might want to check out Adagio Teas. We are major tea drinkers as well and get most of our tea from there. There used to be an awesome company called Special Teas but, unfortunately, Teavana bought and closed them few years ago.

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Have you tried chocolate coated coffee beans?

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Apr 19, 2017 at 04:28 PM

Chemex all the way! I start my morning with a banana, cliff bar, and a freshly roasted (within the past 3 days) blend of beans. I find that the Chemex pour over method creates a smoother drink. Plus it looks very snazzy on my countertop!

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My coffee gadgets...

It's been a quest for decent coffee, here goes... My favorites are the Italian moka, and the South Indian coffee filter right next to it. But, they are also the most rarely used because of the time and effort. Yeah, yeah, all of you who insist that the effort is not that great - I would rather have that coffee in me when I am making breakfast or dealing with kids.

The American style coffee filter on the left and percolator on the right get used when certain relatives visit - first is too light and tasteless for me, and the second overdoes it. The Aeropress gets used when on trips where I know I will be getting bad coffee. The french press (cafetière) has been relegated to tea making. So, that leaves the automated Jura that gets the most use.

I also have an ibrik (cezve) that did not make the picture - mine looks just like this one, but yellow. I use that to make ghee now.

I have also made coffee with a "coffee sock" , not a fancy one like in the picture, just an old piece of cotton fabric.

And for those of you who have not seen coffee in South India (or Malaysia & Singapore) here is a video -

coffee.jpg (114.5 kB)
cezve.jpg (12.9 kB)
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+1 on the Aeropress! most used gadget i ever had :)

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Aeropress is what I use for coffee on my boat. Makes great coffee!

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Hmm, this seems like a good option for travel. I bring my own coffee but then struggle with the hotel coffee makers that all have different filters and different degree of cleanliness.

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I drink a black coffee.

Without sugar.

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Double Espresso and sometimes an Iced Latte Machiatto


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I like my milk with some coffee and sugar. Latte macchiato, Cappuccino, all those mixed coffee drinks. We have a coffee machine at work, that grinds the beans prior to making the cup, so that's "fresh". I tend to mix those coffee-milk thingys, too. One cup of Latte macchiato with one cup Cappucchino. Stuff like that. ^^

In the summer I love me some Frappuccinos, too. :)

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I used to like Frappuccino and then Starbucks ruined everything by putting calories right on their menu. :) This year I have a new blender though, so might try to attempt a more diet-friendly homemade version in summer.

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small-coffee.gif (45.8 kB)
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Looks like the lego cups I have at home... ^^

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