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Is SAP using WordPress for SCN?

Looks like SAP using WordPress to host their website and SCN...

Under layer technology looks same.. :)


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Apr 12, 2017 at 02:48 PM

Yes, it's WordPress for the blogs and Answer Hub for Q&A, as I've heard. I'm sure there was some blog posted mentioning this.

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Good to know. SAP development team must be developing lots of plugins. :)

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Wow - I didn't know! Here is the proof on blog editor:

sap-blog-wp.png (4.0 kB)
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Does this info help or just explain why the things are like they are?

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Not really.. but I use Wordpress for a website I manage. And mine actually has a spell checker in it. That's why I've never understood why there is no splel chckre hree.


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I bet there are IDOCs between the systems ;)

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Days after the "migration" I froze when I saw "php" and "wordpress". I thought that the most innovative technology in the business world would surprise me. But no ... wordpress ladies and gentlemen...

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Well, there is a joke about the scientific articles, I guess it applies here too:

"Copying from another article is plagiarism. Copying from two other articles is a compilation. Copying from 3 articles is the 4th article". :) Put 3 platforms together and here you go - New SCN.

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Apr 18, 2017 at 02:55 PM

As Oliver mentioned here, SCN consists of many different parts. Yes, blogs are using WordPress and there are a lot of other technologies behind other parts of SCN.

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