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[Status Update] When recruiters do their job...

I received the following contact today

Buongiorno Dott.ssa Milesi,

Ho ricevuto il suo curriculum tramite LinkedIn per la nostra ricerca per un programmatore ABAP su Bergamo e vorremmo fissare un breve colloquio telefonico nei prossimi giorni.

 Le chiedo di indicarmi una sua disponibilità  nei prossimi giorni.

The recruiter calls me "Dott.ssa" which is the female title you receive in Italy if you have an university degree.Plus, the recruiter says they checked my Linkedin profile where i have a nice goat bear and the... uhm.. not so long hairs and it's cleary stated i never completed univeristy...A first contact which really tempt you, right?-facepalm-
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Apr 11, 2017 at 11:56 AM

may be the recruiter was still confused by the winner of the European Song Contest 2014

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Conchita Wurst at least has long black hairs!

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Recently, I received a message from a recruiter in a language, which I have never claimed to speak, I was addressed as a Mr, despite the lack of masculine features in my Linkedin profile picture (at least I thought so) and that Mr is not an acceptable way to address a male or a female person in this language.

Oh... well... they can't afford better-written bots, can they?

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Looks like some sort of automation for the Italian market went wrong.

I know that Simone is a male first name in Italy, however in many countries like the Netherlands when someone is called Simone it is always female.

It is the same with Nikita in Russian speaking countries, male there, female here.

Now! Knowing what we know now about Elton John, when he sang Oh Nikita I need you so. To which gender do you think he was really referring to :)

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Rob, this is a direct email to my email address since the recruit company, i checked, already have all my contacts for a previous selection.

So... really bad recruiting!

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Ouch, yes that is really bad recruiting, or lack thereof.

What they fail to understand is, that our profession is not something that everybody can do successfully, this cannot be said of the recruitment industry. I've encountered less than a handfull which were pretty good at it and who at least made some effort, like reading my CV before calling me about an "amazing" opportunity.

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i don't deny amazing recruiters exist, not at all!

The one which followed me for my actual position was just... perfect.

She was able to comfort and reassure me when i need that as well as to give me the right motivation for an epocal (from my point of view) change.

Then... this! -facepalm & headbang on wall-

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Well, the current recruiter would allow for another epocal change for you, I bet:)

It might even change your identity...

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Youn can call me Gilda! -chuckle-

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LOL. Oh dear, recruiter spam is like the whole separate chapter of comedy. :) This poor fella here can't even get their own name straight:

image.jpg (14.5 kB)
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Jelena Perfiljeva
Apr 21, 2017 at 04:52 PM

This is more like...'Hi this is Bill...' signing of as William Clinton :)

Still should have been consistent in a formal mail.

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It always puzzles me when people start their emails with "This is <name>". Yeah, I can see it even before opening the email, under Sender. And it's in your signature. I got it, really. Now please tell me something that is important to me, the recipient.

Nothing beats this video though. :)

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It's quite clear recuritment has been out sourced.

Lets see how the recuriters like their positions outscourced to India, Pakistan and other overseas countries!

But hey.. I'm sure the staffing agencies are saving a lot of money.


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As far as I am concerned that is the *only* job that should be outsourced.

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I would reply them asking a double rate for the Female title and for the Doctor.

They have only rates and costs in their mind :)

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Didn't want to start a new thread, looks like this will blend in nicely here - local job ad:

Wondering how many resumes will these folks receive...

image.jpg (16.7 kB)
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If one does not know that the product is just 2,5 years on the market (it would not even be possible to turn over-hours into that many years of experience) then he will probably also not identify a faked resume.

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This is common now a days... They want more experience than time of product released....

People start faking out in resume ...


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We just need 1,21 Gigawatt of power and the problem is solved!

Stop limiting yourself, Jelena!


People starting? People always faked their resume!

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LOL - Yep, Jelena is certainly too fast for many of her followers, but there is always a chance to accelerate:)

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88 mph !

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Is that for one job? I mean... experience in HR, MM and PP aaaand S4 HANA? Or is that "(HR or MM or PP) and S4 HANA"?

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My thoughts exactly. The module list was already quite extensive (the screenshot only shows a half of it). And what's funny - just 6 years is sufficient. Why not 5 or 7? Job ad is likely just as fake as the resumes they'll gather...

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From Abapsaurus (steal the word from Jelena) experience, usually it means you are developer / technical figure on a specific technology (i.e. ABAP) who worked with those modules.

Basically they ask you if you can give a slap or two to functionals' nape when they loose their track :)

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