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[Status Update] Community Links are not appearing in first Google Results as much

I've noticed when searching for SAP information that community links (or any SAP domain) are not appearing as the top hits as much anymore unless I include a site filter

Sure you get but a big sales point of community was when you search for answers that you find yourself in SCN

I make this comment after a manic few weeks where I've been building and testing redesign and build of ERP security. As a result, I found myself searching for ways to replicate data setups, find tables, configuration information, etc for modules that I'm not as strong with (project system, investment management, production, etc). There was no need to post a question as they'd violate community ROE for failure to search. But I was surprised at the number of times sap sites were not in top 5 results

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Apr 08, 2017 at 10:03 AM

I read recently some hints what influences if a website is higher or lower in the rankings.

One was that releasing many thousand pages at a time looks like potential spam, SAP released the new help portal and Support portal.

Removing the old pages means automatically they are not trendy anymore.

Influence has also how long a user stays, which could not have been long as many pages do not have any content or are dead links .

Slow servers and long loading times are poison too.

Long parameter chain in URLs should be avoided instead clear short and readable URLs should be used - you know how the URLs for for the tags here in the community are...

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I've definitely noticed some odd ranking recently and a need to add "" even when the keywords I'm using are unlikely to appear outside of SAP domain.

I've just chalked it up to the recent migration of several SAP sites.

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Hi, Colleen:

Both Jürgen and Jelena offer some theories, so I wouldn't want to speculate further. My primary search contact is out for the holidays, but I can bring to his attention when he returns -- to see if there is some bigger concern here.


Best regards,


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Hi Jerry

it would be interesting if there is a way to confirm if this is the case and not just observation/perception on my part

If it is, that's quite concerning as some of the higher listed results ripped content out of SCN in the first place

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