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My - tag on GO.SAP.COM

Wouldn't it be nice to have a "short link" to my answers & my blogs & my discussions in GO.SAP.COM, now it is like a big job to track comments and follow up your stuff. Should be handy to have a tag to check out swiftly responses, comments to the answers, discussions and blogposts.

Vote , please!

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Apr 07, 2017 at 08:13 AM edited Apr 07, 2017 at 11:04 AM

it would be nice to use the text field to describe where you want it to be and further thoughts to give this headline some weight. Ideas should be posted in in the idea place

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I added the website

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There is a whole text field below that subject line for the discussion to fill with more information, the ones Jürgen suggested for example. ;)

You don't have to put everything in the title...

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I gave it a second shot

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Hey Koen,

not sure if I get it:
Insted of you would like to habe something like ?
How would that help?

Or is it something along the line of "I want to easily see all the content I created (inkl. e.g Commets)"? There are a few Ideas in Idea-Place (e.G. ) you can vote on and/or give your Input!



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Thanks Joachim, that's it, I voted it up!

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Voted up although I'm pretty sure there should be another idea already just like that one. Too lazy to search though.

Just FYI - your own comments on the blogs can be found here but all the other comments are not visible centrally, unfortunately.

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See my comment on the idea. I linked to two other ideas in the same ballpark. And what do you know! One is yours. :D And the other? Mine...

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Thanks, Steffi! Apparently I'm too lazy to read too. :)

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