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[Status Update] Profile Image Editing Is Here!

As you may be aware, when we launched the new SAP Community in October, we received feedback in User Echo about the inability for users to do anything with their profile image other than upload. It wasn’t possible to edit the photo or otherwise manipulate it; it wasn’t even possible to delete it.

Well, yesterday we rolled out new avatar editing features to address this. Specifically, you can now do the following with your profile image/avatar:

  • Upload
  • Rotate
  • Move and resize for cropping
  • Delete

To upload, edit, or delete your profile photo:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the avatar in the header to get the dropdown, then click on Edit My Profile

  3. Click on Edit your profile picture

Jerry Janda will write more about this and other recent improvements in his upcoming release notes blog post, but I wanted to give a heads up here since the features are already live.

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Mar 31, 2017 at 04:11 PM

I really like your new avatar, Audrey! :)

To celebrate it, I changed mine, too. Rotated it... ;)

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I've always liked yours. Not sure I like it rotated. (j/k!!)

But to be honest, I've always wanted to see a human there, even if in shadow or something...

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My face could never represent me as much as the color wheel can. ;)

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Steffi, rotating your avatar image makes it completely new! ;)

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Great! For me, colour makes such a difference:)


FWIW, I hope Gali, Laure and Jeanne like to share your picture, too:)

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Nothing I have been waiting for, but still nice to see it work...

Thanks for the update, Audrey!

I shortly thought about rotating my picture, just like Steffi did, but I think it wouldn't work that well in my case ;-)


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Hm, I'd think your "Elternzeit" would turn you upside-down and give enough opportunities to "rotate":)

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Oh, it wasn't the first time, so I was allready a littel used to it - and i don't have to stand on my head (yet!) to entertain my kids! :-)

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Well, our kids are old enough to leave the house in the next few years, but "rotating" seems still quite familiar to me:)

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Small improvement rolled out: now you can click on the plus and minus signs to have incremental zooming, not only by dragging the slider. :)

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