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Such emotion!

The email notification are back!

And plus they works!

*a lonely tear rolls down my cheek for emotion*

They broke the notifications (each time i click on them i've to re-login) but at least i got the email.

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Mar 31, 2017 at 08:26 AM

Hi, Simone:

After our lengthy conversation back in January (, seeing your post was a nice way to wrap the week. :)

BTW, I am unaware of notifications breaking. I'm checking with some IT colleagues to see if there is an issue here I am unaware of.

Best regards,


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i'm a bit busy with a project so i reply here with a comment instead of opening a bug under Using

This was a bug fixed long time ago.

i am logged in and i got a notification

When i click on "notification", i'm kicked off

So i re-login and then i can go to my notifications

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Simone, I've already reported this a while ago:

It still works the same way today. Click on Notifications and buh-bye, have to login again while all those people are laughing at you.

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Are you saying those people are there just to make fun of us, Jelena?! :D

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No doubt. The SCN team is renowned for their choices of the appropriate stock photos. :)

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Anyone else seeing sporadic situations where direct messages do not produce either a Notification in the activity feed, or the expected email? No doubt the glitch is a common bug - nothing in feed, no email, but clearly once visiting the messages site, then you see the blue notification...

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Hello Jeremy,

Do you mind explaining this issue a little bit? Are you not receiving notifications for direct messages?



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I have not seen any situations where the email received was out of sync with the items shown in my Notification list. The sporadic issue I have seen in several cases since the updated email go-live, was from a Direct Message. I can explain further but would assume you might need to see a specific example.

I came into the messages site and noticed a blue bubble indicating a new message was available, but I had not received any email, so this is the strange happening.

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I will test what you described Jeremy and try to establish conditions where this is true. We can then investigate further. Thank you for sharing it here.

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