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I'm just posting a discussion in the Coffee Corner

How do you spend your Thursday?

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Mar 30, 2017 at 03:19 PM

Well recently I decided to work 1 day less and have Thursday be my non-working day.

So every Thursday I go to the market to buy some nice fish, fruit and vegetables and endeavor to transform those into something presentable and edible.

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Ok Rob, Seeing as you like to cook, and Steffi is slobb....errr her mouth is watering, whats your favourite dish at the moment?

Mine is Pasta e Faglio which is basically macaroni with onions, pancetta, courgette (zuchinni), tomatoes, borlotti beans and chilli, served with a good slug of olive oil and heaps of fresh parsley, basil and parmegiano. As Steffi said: Omnomnom......


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Hey Rich,

I recently cooked for a couple of people and the best dishes were sous-vide cooked (50 degrees Celsius) salmon with a saffran risotto, blanched broccoli and a lemon-butter sauce. And the other was sashimi of sea bass which I handpicked from the market, also degutted, filleted and removed the skin myself and then sliced perfectly and served at the optimum temperature.

Cheers, Rob.

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Can I come for tea ??

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Yeah sure, just drop me a message whenever you're close to Rotterdam.

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Sorry - been on holiday in Vienna.

I'll certainly remember that if only for a beer!


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I don't; it's Friday, dude.

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Thursdays are meetings days.

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Pretty much the same way I spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Friday is another matter though.

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In this case, I spent my last Thursday on an airplane, flying to somewhere meant to be warmer and sunnier for a long weekend. Apparently I brought cooler, cloudier weather with me to the Sonoran desert, however.

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“This must be Thursday,' said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. 'I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

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But did you bring your towel?

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It always confuses the heck out of me when this post is bumped up on other days of the week. :)

On topic - I'm taking a day off tomorrow (Thursday) and will spend it packing up winter clothes and shopping for some adult beverages. The latter seems like a covert op in our state since only the special government-owned stores called "ABC" (because our public servants have no imagination) are allowed to sell hard liquor. (Wine and beer is sold at the supermarkets and even gas stations, weeeee.) The ABC stores are a monopoly and have no need to entice the customers, so it always feels like I'm visiting rum and brandy in prison. :)

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Do nothing and wait for tomorrow... Long weekend coming :)

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