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As I work my way through upgrading our Enterprise Portal from 7.01 to 7.5, I cannot help but have my eye stumble across various Java services and applications such as, RTMF Service Facade, rtmfcommunicator, and tc~rtmf~wdtestapp.

And every time I see that string, "rtmf," I have a slightly dyslexic moment and read it as "rtfm."

I trust I don't need to spell out what the acronym RTFM usually stands for?

Sometimes, as I work my way through moderating various questions in the NetWeaver tags (I still want to call them forums), I think of myself as the "rtfmcommunicator" when dealing with things that are clearly handled in installation guides, upgrade guides, SAP Notes, etc. "Failed to Search" could be shortened to "rtfm."

And there it is, right in the AS Java, a service called rtfm.

Oh wait, sorry, it's rtmf. But I like it my way better.

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Mar 26, 2017 at 09:30 PM

upgrading our Enterprise Portal from 7.01 to 7.5

*fingers crossed* That's one heck of a jump.

And yes, I have to grin everytime I'm reading that in the logs, too. Our brain is very simple in the end. ^^

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Wrapping up the QAS upgrade this morning. That's what I've been working on all weekend. Of course, our biggest problems were custom Web Dynpro Java programs -- well, not the programs themselves, but the UI redesign of the Developer Studio! Threw the developers for a loop.

Here's to simple minds! (Let the 80s music references roll.....)

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Don't yoooouuu... forget about me. *sing*

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Tell me your troubles and doubts,
Giving me everything inside and out...

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Now I need to watch the Breakfast Club again!

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I have a similar problem with FTW...

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Yeah, I always see that as FTL and think, wow, that's really fast!

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Really? Not "for the win!"?

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"Faster Than Light" :)

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Yes, I know that for FTL. ^^ But I meant "FTW". ;)

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