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[Status Update] - Elternzeit

Just in case you have been wondering why I seemed to have vanish from SAP Community in the last 3-4 Weeks: I'm currently in "Elternzeit" (parental leave), which is great!!

It also means, that I don't have "SAP Stuff" on my mind at all, that's why I didn't visit.

I’m slowly getting back into work today, an I'll be back working normally next Monday, then caring for SAP Stuff again. :-)



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Mar 14, 2017 at 01:02 PM

Hey Joachim, enjoy your parent-time and welcome back! :-)

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That's a [Status Update] for sure - although usually way more on the mother's side:)

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Congratulations and enjoy your time off! I'm sure you'll find yourself caring for the SAP Stuff a bit less than before. And it's a good thing! :)

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You were Member of the Month. Time to aim for Father of the Year. :)


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Warm congratulations, Joachim!

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congrats :) Hope you made the most of the time where's the pic of bub or whichever kid allowed you the time off?

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